• 17 Dec 2019

Painter Artist Janina Rossiter invites us to protect the oceans and the planet’s many ressources through her liquid and poetic painting:

Painting by Painter Artist Janina Rossiter

Amazonas 1 – 2019 © Janina Rossiter

Her path

I have always been a creative person, with a passion for Art. It was therefore only natural for me to study design, and in particular illustration and communication design, at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. I never wanted anything other than a career where I could work in an artistic and creative way. Therefore, when I was in college, my first two years of study were devoted to Art and Art History. Creativity is at the core of all my actions, including professional activities in the packaging design sector. I am also an author of children’s books, since illustration fascinates me and inspires me in my daily life.

Her artistic statement

The environment and its protection are my favorite theme in my artistic statement. The fragility of our planet, and in particular that of the oceans, are as many issues that I wish to highlight through Art. Water and nature are fundamental elements in my Artwork. Indeed, the technique I use is inspired by fluid Art, while remaining completely original, since I discovered and developed it myself. It is a technique that breaks the paint while controlling the action, in order to produce the breaking effect only where I want it to be. To me, this fracture effect evokes the emotion of a planet in conflict. I also work by combining fluid Art and alcohol ink, an ideal technique for talking about the water world. Beyond arousing emotions, I want to make the viewer feel the need to act and commit to protecting the planet.  

Artwork by Painter Artist Janina Rossiter

Broken Ocean 2 – 2019 © Janina Rossiter

Her evolution

With each painting, each remark, each observation, my artistic technique grows and evolves towards ever greater maturity. The spectator’s confidence inspires me to seek an even richer and more innovative creativity. I wish to persevere in this way and thus dedicate myself full-time only to Art, and in particular to the world of painting. The themes of the ocean and our planet are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Many series will continue to result in the future. As these themes are universal in nature, it is essential for me to develop internationally. Indeed, as a Painter Artist working for the protection of our ocean and our planet, I want my message to be spread all over the world.

Her exhibitions

I have a particularly moving memory of the exhibition “Protect what gives you life” at the chapel of Saint-Ilpize in Auvergne. The conversations with the people I met there were rich and sensitive. I have had very positive feedback on my Artwork and I was able to feel a motivation for the protection of the planet. For the next year, I have many exhibition projects and on 25-26 January 2020, I will participate in Vésin’ART for the “Secours populaire” project at Le Vesinet near Paris.

Painter Artist Janina Rossiter

Broken Ocean 1 – 2019 © Janina Rossiter

Her relationship with Art-Trope

I met Art-Trope after my exhibition in February 2019 with BellZart. Art-Trope, with its expertise, will guide me in my future projects, and advise me on my development. In that context, I hope to spread my Art more widely, which would enable me to produce new material and eventually be able to devote myself fully to it. Art-Trope also allows me to no longer feel alone, but rather to work as a team.

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