• 6 May 2020

Painter Laure Pouget navigates the limits of figuration and abstraction in an attempt to grasp elusive ideas :

The Hohwald - 2019 © Laure Pouget

The Hohwald – 2019 © Laure Pouget

Her journey   
My desire to create art began with my childhood obsession with drawing. I spent hours copying the black and white photographs from the “Reporters without border”, a magazine my father bought on certain Sundays. I tried to capture the atmosphere of these images with my grey pencil pencil. I then went onto train myself by studying the great masterpieces of art history.
Later, I enrolled in a high school specialising in the arts. I trained for 5 years in an art college in Lorient in Brittany. Here, I developed a more profound pictorial style. I discovered various printing techniques (engraving, silk-screen printing, photography), I was trained in wood sculpture, and I worked to discover links between video and painting, and answer the questions surrounding the of images.
I am also an art teacher, a profession which allows me to transmit my knowledge and research and to encourage my students to see the world in a new light. This enriches my practice, not only because I find teaching and interaction with my students fulfilling, but because it allows me to take a step back from my own work and gain a greater perspective. 
Ressac - 2014 © Laure Pouget

Ressac – 2014 © Laure Pouget

Her means of expression  
My sources of inspiration vary, but they are largely linked to our common understanding of ‘media’. Most of the time they are images of variant nature: magazines, books, postcards, images printed on canvas, which I have recovered from various sources. They all have their own story to tell. 
Through my work I create landscapes and portraits. Sometimes both in the same work. Through my landscapes, I work to construct the painting in a way that allows the space within it to unfold gradually before the viewer’s eyes. Through my portraits, I toy with the power of lines. In both cases, the central intention is to allow an atmosphere to emerge from the canvas that offers a new visual environment. 
My technique corresponds with my artistic approach through my choice of supports and layering. I cover the basic image with ink or pigment, thus fragmenting my image and leaving it partially hidden, through which I hope to conjure discussion, and visual shift between the top layer and the bottom. Through playing with such transparencies, a new reading of the initial image is proposed to the spectator and the final work appears before them: the transformation has taken place.
I try to encourage the spectator to question the relationship between what is seen and what is hidden. I seek to interrupt their gaze through my bold use of colour, but also through a depth in meaning. 
Young woman - 2010 © Laure Pouget

Young woman – 2010 © Laure Pouget

Her evolution  
My practice evolved according to my support system and the space available to me to construct my paintings. The smaller my studio, the smaller I work. Currently, I am working on a series of recovered postcards: they are all used and most of them come from tourist zones in France. My approach is the following: I observe the object as a whole, I rework the image with paint, then I integrate it into a larger work or print it on canvas in order to work on it further. 
I plan to build an installation with sound and visuals that parallels the power of text and image. What I like about this new series is that it allows my work to take on a new dimension: these pieces represent everyday objects, graphic objects as well as objects of sentimental value and memory. Creating an installation would really make it possible to highlight these various aspects. 
Water screen - 2017 © Laure Pouget

Water screen – 2017 © Laure Pouget

Her exhibitions 
My largest exhibitions have been in the west of France. During an exhibition at which I presented several large still life paintings, the public gaze truly confirmed my sense of pictorial composition. It’s a joy to exhibit my work, as it allows me to share my vision of the world, with the world. The beginning of this year was unfortunately punctuated by the cancellation of my exhibitions. In these uncertain times, art remains as important as ever, and continues its role of opening our eyes to a different side of humanity, allowing this to connect with individual creativity. If the pandemic allows, I hope to exhibit my work in Paris in September.
Aubure - 2019 © Laure Pouget

Aubure – 2019 © Laure Pouget

Her relationship with Art-Trope  
Currently, the challenge as an artist is to acquire multiple skills, in order to gain exposure, maintain a strong presence on social media, manage one’s website, collaborate with the right people whilst attempting to pursue a creative path. Art-Trope works to advise, train and/or manage all these very time-consuming elements on our behalf. It’s a truly unique company – it helps me to continue my work in peace and with greater focus. When you work alone, having a genuine support system behind you can be so rare and yet is so valuable as it allows me to continue my creative journey, uninterrupted. Furthermore, what matters most to me is that this collaboration is set to achieve both long and short-term goals, rather than purely short-term. 
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