• 15 Nov 2019

Alain Damecour, Art-Trope Photographer, pushes the limits of the technique in Photography and presents a unique visual poetry:

Artwork by Art-Trope Photographer Alain Damecour

Manhattan Bay – New York City, 2015 © Alain Damecour

His path

I have always embraced the creative wave, both in my professional activities as creative manager for major communication agencies and in more personal writings. As a teenager, I discovered photography in a photo club where I also learned silver printing. That’s when I was able to build my photographic foundations, on which I grew while learning in the field. My natural curiosity has always pushed me to step outside the box, to have a more creative and personal technique, and to go beyond the purely technical aspect of photography. Writing is my other passion, as a professional for communication, but also artistic by writing songs and sketches for some famous Artists and more recently for the theatre, co-writing a play.

His artistic statement

I work on “urbanity”, by which I mean the city and its movement, the attitudes that result from it through urban symbols, lights, people. For several years I have been focusing on movement and light through the concept of the “City Light Show“. This gives very interesting and sometimes even spectacular results, similar to a digital painting. During one of my first exhibitions on this concept, someone who appreciated my Artwork told me that I had “invented” telluric photography. This term sums up well this vibratory technique that I have been practicing for about ten years. I like to challenge and surprise the eye, by proposing a disruptive approach to urban photography. The same subject may be completely different depending on my shooting. I like this part of magic, which goes beyond the photographic technique.

Free Wheel - Paris, 2017 © Alain Damecour

Free Wheel – Paris, 2017 © Alain Damecour

His evolution

There was a real creative revolution when I switched from silver to digital, which offers infinite freedom and allows you to see the result instantly. Moreover, my curious nature pushes me to constantly innovate. Simultaneously, as part of the “City Light Show”, I also work on two other series. The first one is entitled “Enter the dance… “and is similar to a photographic choreography about the world of dance. The second being “The flowers of the male… ” about men carrying flowers I crossed path with in the street. With regard to the “City Light Show”, I am thinking about new forms of presentation in order to give another dimension to my creations, also by using less conventional media and perhaps by inlaying unusual words or materials mixed with visuals.

Photograph by Art-Trope Photographer Alain Damecour

Vatican Avenue – Rome, 2018 © Alain Damecour

His exhibitions

One of the most important exhibitions I participated to was the Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain de la Bastille. It enabled me to see the interest of the visitors for my Artwork. I also participated in a beautiful exhibition at the Espace Pierre Cardin and in various art fairs. During the exhibition at the Espace Pierre Cardin, a visitor said about my work that it was the most original thing he had seen at the show. Singer Gérard Lenorman, a great collector of contemporary Art, wrote in my guest book “I like it a lot! ». Outside the exhibitions, I also received compliments from Mr. Bernard Arnault, following the sending of a file and those of Mercedes Erra who manages the BETC agency, and who sent me his congratulations for the originality of my work.

His relationship with Art-Trope

To emerge in the art market, it is essential to gain media visibility to draw the attention of professionals and buyers. Exhibitions are not enough. It is above all a networking task and the role of the press officer with the specialized or mainstream media. This can also be done by associating creations with the campaign of a prestigious advertiser in France or even better abroad. Through advice and recommendations, as well as participation in exhibitions, Art-Trope supports me in the development of my artistic career. Being part of a network of Artists by benefiting from the growing visibility of the Art-Trope site, which has a much greater impact than a personal website. But it is also a lever that enables me to participate in prestigious exhibitions to which I would not have access on an individual basis.

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