• 1 Oct 2019

The Photographer Artist Maribé enters the imagination of patients through her Artwork for therapeutic purposes. Enter her world:

Picture by Photographer Artist Maribé

Expectation, 2017 © Maribé

Her path

The desire to create has always existed, but without knowing exactly what I wanted to do in the first place. I started learning photography with friends at university and then took evening photography classes in Paris, while I was working in a company. I also enrolled the Spéos Institute (Paris) in 2002-2003, which I graduated from as a Photographer Artist. I then discovered digital photography, the Art of framing and composition. The inlay technique I use is personal. By mixing the images together, I add the necessary nuances and modifications through inlays and masks. Photography must make it possible to be in reality but also to enter the patient’s imagination, his or her anguish, his or her hope, his or her subconscious. This Artwork has a therapeutic purpose: to allow any suffering person to be highlighted and to help medical research by supporting the Foundations. This is particularly important to me because I myself have been confronted with illness, and it became urgent to transform a difficult personal and medical journey into a positive artistic work.

Her artistic statement

In photography, I really like the dreamlike universe of Sarah Moon, Katia Chauscheva or the rather nightmarish world of Antoine d’Agata. I am also inspired by the style of antique murals. My sources of inspiration vary from one day to the next, since everything fuels me: images, music, texts, exhibitions I see. I often refer to an excerpt from Baudelaire’s poem Correspondances which, in my opinion, perfectly illustrates the origin of inspiration:

“In a dark and deep unity,
Vast as night and as bright as light,
Perfumes, colors and sounds resonate with one another.”

The body, movement, pain, surpassing oneself, the opposition between the dark side and light are recurring themes in my work. All this is treated with a nuance, a kind of softness, even though if my images hide a lot of violence and suffering. I use superimpositions, inlays, blur, because we embody all of ourselves at the same time. We have various facets, like a human “thickness” made up of different layers in a way, with life experiences that overlap and reveal unevenness. They say it takes loopholes for the light to pass through. I explore these cracks in the body and mind of patients, their pain and their ability to make it a path of resistance that often makes them stronger and tougher. I try to take the viewer into the patient’s universe so that he or she can discover the relationship he or she has with his or her body and his or her history. The paper support I use for my photos is a little rough, textured, to symbolize these roughnesses.

Artwork by Artist and Photographer Maribé

Escape, 2017 © Maribé

Her evolution

I wanted to do a different project from my reporting work, more creative and personal, using different retouching processes. I started from an idea of superimpositions, of a few shapes, then everything came naturally as I went along. The desire to add textures on top of each other came at the same time. I quickly realized that for THE BODY KNOWS series (in French, it is a play en word with the word Corset), I wanted to use symbolic images related to confinement. For example, I photographed the walls of an old prison and old buildings in ruins. Then, each child I met during my photo shoots inspired me in a particular way that made me to try new things. I am currently discussing with a research centre in Montreal, which would like to collaborate with me to develop a series on the notion of identity in patients with facial prostheses due to cancer affecting the face and gnawing. I am already passionate about this project. I also think I will discuss autism later on, which is also linked to the idea of confinement. This project helps patients by bringing them out of their isolation and shine a new light on them. It can also be used to draw attention to certain medical causes that are rarely mentioned. During each series, I would like part of the sales of my Artworks to be donated to a foundation or research centre directly related to the theme I addressed. This is what I am currently doing with the Yves Cotrel Foundation in Paris, which is dedicated to scoliosis research and which presented my project at 2 events in 2018.

Artwork by Photographer Artist Maribé

Cocoon, 2017 © Maribé

Her exhibitions

As a Photographer Artist, I exhibited a series on flamenco dance and the body in movement at the Galerie Renoir (Le Latina cinema in Paris) in 2004. In September 2018, I presented some photos of my series THE BODY KNOWS during the Scolympiades, an event organized by the Yves Cotrel Foundation in front of the Institut de France. On November 30, 2018, the project was presented and presented at the annual meeting of members and donors of the Yves Cotrel Foundation, chaired by Mr. Xavier Darcos. This date was important because my project THE BODY KNOWS was presented in a magnificent room of the Institut de France in the presence of some personalities and scientists from all over the world, some of whom were moved to tears by my Artwork. I had the great pleasure of welcoming Marie-Agnès Gillot, former ballerina of the Paris Opera, who wore a corset for several years and was moved by my Artwork. Concurrently, I presented and sold paintings in auctions to help associations such as FÊTE LE MUR during the Roland Garros 2019 Tournament, (Yannick Noah’s organization to help children from underprivileged neighborhoods), or the association MAROC DEVOIRS ET DROITS to finance a medical caravan in Morocco in June 2019. I hope, like any Artist, that the audience will be touched by these stories in which they may find themselves, or which will remind them of a loved one. I would like this project to go beyond borders and highlight people who are used to hiding, and who will take the steps towards healing in every sense of the word.

Photograph by Photographer Artist Maribé

Deadlock, 2017 © Maribé

Her relationship with Art-Trope

I don’t know this market, its specialists, or its places. Moreover, I don’t necessarily know how to communicate in the best possible way. The suggestions to improve the Artist’s profile, presentation and visibility on social media are very relevant and I feel well supported. In addition, Art-Trope is a great opportunity to be promoted, both in France and abroad, in a professional and focused way. The important thing is to know that the projects will be understood, supported and promoted by people who value human relationships and the Artists’ approach. I am confident in the professionalism and quality network of Art-Trope.

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