• 11 Jun 2019

Photographer Artist Mary-Laëtitia Gerval uses Painting, Drawing, Photography and Design to offer her vision of beauty:

Artwork by Mary-Laëtitia Gerval

The spouses’ banquet, 2009 © Mary-Laëtitia Gerval

Her path

As a child, I was introduced to classical Painting by a Dutch master. The oral instruction he gave me was very rigorous. He gave me an empty dry pastel box and built his teaching one color after another. When he felt that a color was integrated, he would give me the corresponding pastel stick and I would put it in my box. It took me seven years to fill it out. So I came to artistic creation with dry pastel to learn how to paint. I also had the chance to take all the free classes at the Avignon School of Fine Arts from the age of 9 to 14. Later on, I studied the Fine Arts market and the expertise of Artworks (EAC Drouot, Paris) and I was trained at the Gobelins School in graphic design and visual communication, by the Paris City Hall. I have also been working as a Publisher, Photographer and Advertiser since 2003. The world of entrepreneurship inspires me immensely and is now almost inseparable from my creativity as a Photographer Artist.

Her artistic statement

Humans, travel and the exploration of nature inspire my creations. My works are fueled by rich and diverse sources: masterpieces, great movements in the Art History, religion, historical scandals, ancient legends, culinary Art and other “Proustian” memories. Beauty and aesthetics are recurring themes in my creation. I can pay tribute to them by working on color and staging, by the nude and the portrait. My initial training as a classical Painter helps me in the practice of Photographic staging. All techniques are required to express my vision. Moreover, in my photographic approach, I am very inspired by my practice of painting and drawing. I like to show a modern vision of the messages hidden in the major Artworks of Art history. Would we dare to say it is lke a form of augmented reality applied to it? I like that my Photography seems almost unreal, like a montage that wouldn’t be one. The imagination is thus made for me: an assemblage of real things, freely arranged. I arouse emotion, surprise, joy, freedom… I hope to bring dreams through my work as a Photographer Artist.

Artwork by Visual Artist Mary-Laëtitia Gerval

Fragility 44 PlayboyPlume, 2011 © Mary-Laëtitia Gerval

Her evolution

Multidisciplinary in my creation, I like to combine and mix genres. At the beginning, there is dry pastel, then drawing, then painting, then photography. Then come the publishing, advertising, staging, textile design… The idea is to show new series in all the media used, from photography to painting, drawing and design with the aim of presenting them to the public through their exhibition in Art galleries.

Her exhibitions

Two exhibitions mainly mark my career. The first is entitled “Reflection” as part of the Salon Ddessin in Paris in 2016 and the second is called “Omorfia”, and was held at the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute in Bordeaux in 2018. The second one is my best exhibition memory. Currently, I am presenting the exhibition “In Honour of Painting” from April 15th to September 16th, 2019 in the Tavel & Lirac Winegrowers’ Cellar. Similarly, from July 1th to 11th, 2019, I will participate in the group exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” organized by Art-Trope as part of the Voies-Off festival, during the anniversary edition of the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles.

Photograph by Mary-Laëtitia Gerval

The end of the story, 2012 © Mary-Laëtitia Gerval

Her relationship with Art-Trope

Art-Trope is a valuable help to me in the development of my network and my visibility. Its team advises me and supports me in my influence and positioning. It is particularly important to me to create a larger network of Collectors and galleries, while expanding my Artwork and visibility abroad, with a strong connection to the community.

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