• 18 Nov 2019

Artist Photographer Charles Weber shares his passion for photographic material with us in an interview on his artistic career:

Artwork by Art-Trope Photographer Charles Weber

NL #15, 14in x 14in, 2007 © Charles Weber

His path

My first creative impulses were more literary and poetic. So I started with written journalism while doing some photography. Later on, during a trip in India, when I saw Tibetan tankas, I discovered that the image could synthesize a whole speech and that’s when I became a Photographer. I learned as an assistant to an archaeological excavation photographer and as a self-taught photographer with some professional internships. The trend was towards reporting back then. For a year I was interested in Tibetan refugees in Switzerland and, for the Gamma agency, I followed the Dalai Lama’s visit to this community for ten days. For the first time I was confronted with other photojournalists, and I preferred to take another path. Various awards and scholarships as well as the support of the first director of the Musée de l’Elysée pour la photographie in Lausanne, have enabled me to devote myself to numerous personal projects while teaching at the Collège de Genève.

His artistic statement

To me, each new project needs new means, as if I was to start all over again, with a new technique, a new camera, a new format, a new film and above all a new influence. Thus in my Greek landscapes in black and white of the “Iconostases” series, I learned a lot from Lee Friedlander while in my colour landscapes with flash of “Swiss Garden”, we can see Martin Paar’s winks. In my black and white series “100 portraits of apprentices”, “Men and Machines”, “Portraits of Young Europe” with large format camera, August Sanders walks in front. In my “Shipwreaks” there is a shadow of Boris Mihailov and in my “Lightscapes” there are touches of Daniel Boudinet and Séméniako. My conviction is that you never really walk alone. Through photography, I would like to reconcile myself with the world. Often I feel tenderness for my subjects, almost like a taste of tears. This does not prevent a little humour and derision sometimes, but I would like the viewer to feel this astonishment from the heart in my images.

Art-Trope Photographer Charles Weber

NL #26, 14in x 14in, 2008 © Charles Weber

His evolution

In my latest Artworks, the theme becomes less important, because it is the material that prevails, the gesture, the chance. I like the materiality of the image, the image object, the beautiful print, that’s why I keep using films and making silver prints. The exhibition is the ideal place interact with the original prints and I highly appreciate the courageous work of the galleries and museums with which I have collaborated or am still collaborating. Photographic material is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and benefits from being constantly reinvited, manipulated and sublimated. It is in this sense that it takes on more importance in my constantly evolving photographic approach.

Art-Trope Photographer and Artist Charles Weber

NL # 115, 14in x 14in, 2015 © Charles Weber

His exhibitions

I have exhibited in several Art galleries in Switzerland and Europe. Exhibitions are always precious moments to share artistic sensibilities. in November 2019, a solo exhibition entitled “Byzantium” will be presented at the Lilian Andrée Gallery in Basel. The following month, I will participate in a group show entitled “Focale s’expose” at the Galerie Andata-Ritorno in Geneva. Next summer will be marked by a solo exhibition at the Museum of Ethnography in Neapolis, Greece in June 2020. Finally, I will present the exhibition “Black innocence” at the Galerie Rastoll in Paris in November 2020. I look forward to these unique moments of encounter with the Art lovers in order to have conversations about our visions of the world through the eye of photography.

His relationship with Art-Trope

Living in Crete, far from the important cultural and artistic centres, it seemed important to me to be able to develop my presence in the media and on social media both to gain possible new contacts and to better disseminate the announcement of my exhibitions already scheduled. Not being of a generation that has grown up with computers and wanting to devote as much of my time as possible to my artistic work, Art-Trope is a precious and stimulating help through its advice and communicative energy.

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