• 14 May 2020

The Artist Photographer Nathan Soulez-Larivière slips into our consciousness, documents wildlife and connects Man to landscapes that are still untouched by playing with light and colors to make us discover a fascinating and terrifying natural world:

nathan soulez-lariviere - The shelter - photography - 2018

The shelter – 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

His artistic journey

Coming from a family of musicians, actors, painters, writers and filmmakers, I was by nature contemplative, observant and sensitive to my environment. I dedicate all my attention to the visual universe that surrounds me. My first excursions into the forests of Quebec were profoundly impactful. I consequently felt compelled to express what these landscapes had given me. I decided to terminate my studies in international economics and went to study art at the University of Montreal. After my third winter in the university classrooms, I decided to pack my bags and seek a new subject. Crossing the country from East to West, I encountered the extraordinary wonders of nature and its inhabitants. My return to France was somewhat brutal. I had completely lost my bearings in society. To stay in touch with the outside world, I worked on various farms in the Yvelines, then in the Dordogne. Finally, I was accepted at the Conservatoire libre du Cinéma Français in Paris. After I finished my first series “Farming For Activism” for the Allan Savory Institute last March, I decided to exhibit a series of photographs I had taken over the last four years, from Latin America to North America. 
Ascension 03 - 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

Uturuncu – 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

His artistic expression

It’s pretty broad, I’d say. Above all, I wish to defend the rights of nature and those who live amongst it. In my opinion, cinema and image have the power to evolve society’s collective consciousness. When you look at the documentaries and photographs of Art Wolfe, Paul Nicklen, or even Yann-Arthus Bertrand, the message conveyed can be worth thousands of speeches. I believe that my art is at the service of consciousness and serves above all to document wildlife, to connect man to untouched landscapes. Both colour and tonality are worked in such a way as to transport the spectator into a lunar world. I am also deeply fascinated by the sky and its magnificent colour changes: sometimes grey, sometimes azure or petrol blue. I like to play with the juxtaposition and antithesis of earth and sky in my work. The sky is a great mystery to mankind. I wanted to represent it as an image within our consciousness, both fascinating and terrifying us at the same time.
At the pink basin - 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

At the pink basin – 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

His evolution

My first photographs were taken in the forests of Quebec during one winter. The light reflected off the snow, making the sky seem blinding and its colours more monochrome. It was a different atmosphere. I wanted to bring something mysterious to these forests that remained untamed by my eyes. I felt liberated, but at the same time I had this strange feeling, of fear, of solitude in a wild expansive space. I think that it is by evolving my relationship with nature that I looked for deeper meaning within my pictures, in the hope of finding, little by little, the true way to capture the colours of flora and fauna. Many of my photographs portray a mystical presence, which I create by reworking the luminance of our astral canvas, the sky. 

His exhibitions 

It is very important to me to display my work in a way that allows me to transform my exhibition into a journey through different atmospheres. An exhibition is above all a departure from everyday life. It awakens each visitor to the beauty of the world, its complexity and its evolution, in a way that encourages the viewer to confront themselves in relation to the subject in question. If the current pandemic permits it, I will exhibit my work in the Vaucresson Hall at the beginning of September.
In the land of the ancients - 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

In the land of the ancients – 2018 © Nathan Soulez-Larivière

His relationship with Art-Trope 

The strength of the artist lies in his ability to transmit a message, an experience, an emotion. But the hardest thing in the art market is the loneliness the artist has to face through this journey. The contemporary art market is very demanding. Art-Trope is great because it allows us to feel a sense of companionship in our steps towards success. Being represented by Art-Trope gives me the support I need to serenely continue the progress of my artistic career. My message as an artist is truly understood and preserved by the Art-Trope team. 
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