• 23 Feb 2018

The Tate Museum announced its ambitious 2019 upcoming exhibition. Indeed, the goal will be to shine a new light on the links between Vincent Van Gogh and the United-Kingdom. As a result, from March 27th to August 11th 2019, the British Artists and writers who fascinated the Impressionist will be in the spotlight.

This Artwork by Vincent Van Gogh is entitled Starry Night and was made in 1888.

Starry Night, 1888 © Vincent Van Gogh

An ambitious exhibition project

The exhibition is an important event for the Tate Museum because it will be the first time the museum would deal with the Dutch painter’s relationship to his British counterparts. Consequently , several key personalities were brought to the project. Indeed, Martin Baily, who wrote The Studio of the South: Van Gogh in Provence as well as a senior correspondent of the Art Newspaper will co-organize the exhibition. Among the organizers, thereis also the Tate Museum’s curator of British Art from 1850 to 1915, Carol Jacobi. Finally, director of the Holburne Museum in Bath Chris Stephens will also participate in the organization of the exhibition which is to open on March 27th, 2019.

Van Gogh’s Birtish slice of life

In 1873, Van Gogh at the age of 20 moved in Brixton on Hackford Road in southern London. He stayed there until 1876, working an Art dealership in Covent Garden’s Southampton Street. By then, the Artist was fascinated with some of his British counterparts and writers. In fact, Charles Dickens, for instance, deeply influenced the painter’s work. As a result, the Artwork entitled “L’Arlésienne”, on view at Museu de Arte de São Paolo, depicts a copy of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. George Eliot is also part of the Artist’s inspiration. Also, newspapers extracts dealing with Art had an active role in Van Gogh’s research on “black and white” Art as he used to say. A collection of over 2000 engravings and illustrations will be a part of the exhibition.

This Artwork by Vincent Van Gogh is entitled L'Arlésienne and represents Madame Ginoux with Gloves and Umbrella

L’Arlesienne, Madame Ginoux with Gloves and Umbrella, 1888 © Vincent Van Gogh

A once in a lifetime opportunity

The exhibition will present 40 Artworks of Van Gogh with major Art pieces. Indeed, Starry Night on the Rhône as well as Sunflowers will be a part of the displayed Artworks. Other unique pieces were also selected such as the Prisoners Exercising made in 1890 after a print of Newgate Prison by Gustave Doré. Such an Artwork will be lent by the Pushkin State museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. As a result the exhibition will “reveal Van Gogh’s enthusiasm for British culture during his stay and his subsequent artistic career” said the Tate Museum. On the other hand, the influence of Van Gogh on his British counterparts will also be emphasized. Artists David Bomberg, Walter Sickert and Francis Bacon were inspired by the Dutch Artist. As a result, the exhibition is “an exciting opportunity for us to reveal the impact Britain had on Van Gogh as well as the enormous influence he had on British Artists” said Alex Farquharson, the director of Tate Britain.

This is a picture of the Tate Museum in London.

Tate Britain, London


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