• 14 May 2018

From April 7th to July 29th 2018, the Gustave Caillebotte Property in Yerres hosts in its Ferme Ornée, the exhibition “La Porte des rêves.” Putting together 163 Artworks from the Symbolist period which went on from 1890 to 1914, the Gustave Caillebotte Property invites you to dive in what is mystical.

Gustave Caillebotte Property

Gustave Caillebotte Property © Kelian8

The property of the famous Impressionist painter

The Caillebotte Property located south East of Paris is typical of the 19th century architecture. Built in the 1830s with an “English style”, it also includes ornamentation structures at the core of the park. In the property, Gustave Caillebotte made 90 of his paintings in the 1870s. The “Ornamentation structures” are constructions placed in gardens which inspired greatly the painters for their landscapes. Gustave Caillebotte is one of the main actors of the Impressionist movement. However, he wasn’t re-discovered until 1970. His Artworks are included in the main museums and collections around the world such as the Orsay Museum where the canvas “les raboteurs de parquet” can be found. The topics he selected as well as his interest in photography made him unique among the Impressionists.

The Floor Scrapers by Gustave Caillebotte

The Floor Scrapers, 1870 © Gustave Caillebotte

Indulging in the mystical imaginary of Symbolist Artists

The exhibition “La Porte des rêves – Un regard sur le symbolisme” takes place in the Ferme Ornée and the Orangerie of the Caillebotte Property. The 163 Artworks put together on this occasion mainly come from a private French collection. Such a collection traveled in 11 countries and 17 museums but has not been shown in France since 2000. As a result, the 50 Artists displayed represent two generations of French and European Symbolism. It is also a way to show how Symbolist Artists gave a new perspective about mysticism. In fact, Symbolism is not an artistic movement per say. The goal of Symbolism is to put together abstract ideas and the images that will depict these ideas.

The greatest Artworks of the collection kept as secret since 2000

The exhibition opens with Romaine Brooks’ Artwork entitled “Spring” to better guide the visitor. Indeed, the idea is to invite the visitor to escape and cast aside the modern world to let go our imaginary. The figure of the sublimated and mystical woman is one of the favorite themes of the Symbolist Artists. In fact, the first part of the exhibition includes Artworks like “La Princesse à la licorne” by Armand Point, “Les Fleurs du Lac” by Edgard Maxence and “Hélène de Troie” by Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer. Among the presented Artists there is also Charles Dulac who was in the exhibition “Beyond the Stars” at the Orsay Museum. However, Symbolism does not stop at the image of woman in dreams. Indeed, a part of the exhibition gets back to the vampires and creatures both in the masks and the paintings.

Flowers of the lake by Edgard Maxence

Flowers of the lake, 1900 © Edgard Maxence


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