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Art-Trope press kit

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Forbes Article : Art-Trope A New Financial Model for Art

Press releases

September 19th 2019  – Art-Trope presents 6 Artists at Paris Contemporary Art Show By YIA Art Fair in October 2019

July 07th 2019 – Art-Trope exhibition “Mixed Presence(s)” Voies Off Arles is a success story

June 06th 2019 – Art-Trope exhibition Mixed Presence(s) in Arles during Voies Off in July 2019

April 2nd 2019 – Painter Dominique Meunier participates in Contemporary Art Fair Paris

October 25th 2018 – Photographer Guillaume Dimanche exhibits LOCATIONS at the Villa des Arts in Paris

October 23rd 2018 – Collagist Artist Gysin Broukwen presents his exhibition CoLL’ArT at the Galerie Mona Lisa in Paris

September 11th 2018 – Art-Trope moves into Incubator Créatis in Paris

September 06th 2018 – Agata Preyzner presents her Artworks at parcours patrimoine of Creatis in Paris on September 14th 2018

July 17th 2018 – 2200 visitors at the exhibition Ask Yourself by Guillaume Dimanche at the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles

June 26th 2018 – Guillaume Dimanche participes in the Rencontres de la Photographie of Arles

June 11th 2018 – INTERSECTION exhibition attracted more than 700 visitors in 3 days 

June 8th 2018 – Over 300 people attended the opening of the exhibition INTERSECTION in Paris 

May 28th 2018 – Art-Trope presents the exhibition INTERSECTION from June 8th to 10th 2018 in Paris

November 30th 2017 – Second private event assessment of Art-Trope

November 21th 2017 – First Accomplishments of Art-Trope