★ Founder

Virginie Tison, an independent painter during many years both in Paris and New York, was confronted to  the current problems of the Fine Arts market.

Offering an alternative to the Artists became her mission on the day she noted that despite many sacrifices (such as modest and uncertain incomes, the challenging search for exhibitions, damage or theft of artworks, international network management, etc.), the probability for an Artist to maintain a stable international career is more than low.Illustration artists Art-Trope

Virginie’s decision is based on the following observation : Artists, who have succeeded in building an artistic career by exhibiting in different museums and galleries and by selling their artworks to auctions and to very large collectors, are found generally and increasingly outside of the Fine Arts market.

Painting was my life and Art-Trope took its place naturally as the unique solution for Artists who wish to live from their artwork. I know nothing else that solves the problems of international artistic career management in a long-term.”  Virginie Tison, Founder and President of Art-Trope

★ Her background

Art-Trope reflects many years of experience and expertise including those of Virginie Tison,
Founder and President:Illustration schematic camembert Art-Trope

  • 4 years of research and experimentation in the Fine Arts market of New York and of Paris
  • 1 year of collaboration with Swiss Bank of Geneva (BCGE) to represent Art-Trope, and
  • 3 years of professional experience in the Investor Relations to gain first-hand knowledge on the best techniques of business management.

Virginie’s creativity, combined with her human, artistic and professional experience, gave birth to Art-Trope. It takes into account the Artists problems who wish to devote themselves to their creativity, while registering durably their artwork in the global Fine Arts market.

Her unique single word is: Let Artists Create!Illustration artists Art-trope

Virginie was an Operations Manager at Chuzhen Institut where she trained in management and customer relationship management.

For the purposes to develop Art-Trope, she then specialized in Investor Relations with major Groups such as GIE Axa or Stallergenes Greer. She was also graduated in Investor Relations by the CLIFF at the Paris-Dauphine University in December 2016.

★ Human capitalIllustration artists Art-Trope

  • highly qualified experts
  • skills adapted to the Artists needs
  • expertise career Accelerator