Confronting the tough economic reality of the Fine Arts market and the conditions that the majority of worldwide Artists face, Art-Trope fosters the creation of an Artists community that aims to improve their daily lives and develops their careers, while respecting their needs, desires and decisions.

Art-Trope undertakes the mission
of contributing to any Artist’s dream by offering a low cost sustainable solution adapted to the Artist’s situation.

Art-Trope supports Artists by providing them with worldwide visibility and offering them the opportunity to build an international artistic career development strategy for the long-term.

Agata Preyzner - Séquence 2 - Peinture huile - 97cm x 97cm - 2014.

Agata Preyzner – Séquence 2 – Peinture huile – 97cm x 97cm – 2014

“Art-Trope raises the issue of the Artists’ disappointment about the current Contemporary Art market and the Internet chaos. Virginie is very brave for wanting to change that. I like courage and adventure.” Agata Preyzner, Painter