The works that constitute this series by Aurélie Bauer highlight the relationship between painting and cinema through framing, light, subject matter and the alle- gory of the window as the gateway to an outside world. 
This is how the artist presents her own interpretation of scenes from films such as "The Courtyard Window" and "Death on the Trail" by Alfred Hitchcock, "Stiletto Heels" by Pedro Almodovar, or even "The Mirage of Life” by Douglas Sirk. 
Aurélie Bauer's canvases are grouped according to their aesthetic themes, such as blocks of colour and the films this might reference, their differing use of black, the integration of tropes specific to the film industry, the inclusion of pop culture ele- ments, the emptiness or busyness of the setting, the gesture employed by the characters or figures, or indeed the dramatic use of light.