Portrait of an Art-Trope Visual Artist : Matthieu Faury
28 Nov 2019
Visual Artist Matthieu Faury has a critical and sensitive approach to the impact of human beings on their environment through sculptures and installations:

His path

Since childhood, I have always practiced artistic activities: drawing, modelling, violin. At the age of 20, I had a kind of revelation for sculpture that never stopped. For two years I took classes in modelling and moulding at the Beaux-Arts de Versailles sculpture course, and in marble carving in the workshop of an Italian sculptor. After my studies, I lived in Ivory Coast for two years. I carved realistic characters from wood, based on live models, in a lively, sometimes brutal, and yet sensitive style. A few years later I reinforced my training by doing internships (digital photography in studio at the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d'Arles, digital sculpture, ceramics) and by graduting with a Master Degree of Fine Arts at the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

His artistic statement

As a Visual Artist, my ambition is to show the deep and original nature of human beings, this part of animality deeply buried, and to show, without complacency, how their identity and behavioural evolutions have led them to gradually cut themselves off from their roots and environment. By multiplying scientific, historical and philosophical research and references, I explore the boundaries that Western Mankind sets between himself and the animal, between civilization and primitive life. The theme of evolution, in the Darwinian sense of the word, is at the core of my Artwork. The figure of the monkey is very present in my work because it embodies an allegory of the animal nature of the human being. Portraits of transgender men and women, mutant objects and organic architecture illustrate my reflections on the limits of our condition and on the ambivalence of living in the era of biotechnology and contemporary societies. My approach is deeply rooted in our time, questioning the foundations and the future of our life together, our cities, our planet. Finally, this multitude of questions, doubts, which are invitations to an in-depth reflection on the role of Art and my responsibility as an Artist in the face of the urgency of ecological issues, have led me to integrate into my artistic practice attitudes, media and materials in phase with the challenges of our time. Like a true 21st century Artist.

The Origins of Civilization, 12in x 8in x 12in, 2013 © Matthieu Faury

His evolution

My evolutionary process could be compared to expanding circles. The starting point for my sculptural work continues to be generally modelling, but I take the projects further: new materials, or a larger dimension of the work, or new techniques (digital sculpture, sculpture in marble with the technique of development, for example). For the past 3 years, I have also focused on drawing, thus reaching a different and complementary audience depending on the exhibitions. Drawing combined with sculpture logically leads me to diversify my projects with installations and exhibitions. For the past two years I have been working explicitly on the theme of the anthropocene, which is a common thread that links most of my last pieces. It is an important reading key that also connects my work to my personal commitments and convictions in favour of animals and environmental protection. Its logical continuation seems to me to be that of deepening it, by working on my ability as a Visual Artist to produce pieces and installations in ever more complex settings.

The Ultimate Masterpiece, 80in x 13in x 13in, 2017 © Matthieu Faury

His exhibitions

Since the 90s, I have exhibited in galleries and contemporary Art fairs, in France and abroad, as well as in heritage sites (castles, historical sites, national parks). Recently, my Artwork was exhibited at the Beirut Art Fair in Lebanon through the Galerie Marie Jaouen. It is also in collaboration with that gallery that I participated in the DDESSIN exhibition in 2018 and 2019. The south of France and Provence in particular, are places that have also welcomed my Artworks such as the Castle of Tarascon. Two exhibitions particularly moved me. The 2018 edition of the Beirut Art Fair first of all, both exotic and enriching in every sense of the way, seduced me by the contact with the audience, the meeting with galleries and Artists, the discovery of the Middle Eastern Art scene. "If the castles were told to me" at the Castle of Tarascon in 2015 was an ambitious exhibition project that I completed, feeling that I was fulfilling myself both technically and artistically. Such a project has been decisive in my evolution.The project I am currently working on is a 1 meter sculpture of a gorilla in grey marble, which I am carving from a 5-ton block that was extracted from a quarry in the area. In this Artwork in hard and cold stone of a totally homogeneous bluish grey, I intend to condense, with very allusive aesthetic means, what this animal represents today: a masterly and peaceful being, living in total harmony with his environment, and weakened by the increasingly invasive presence of the human being in his environment. 

Although I have worked a lot, and continue to collaborate with galleries, I don't have a dedicated one yet. So I need to improve my visibility. Art-Trope has developed a network of Artists and has organized exhibitions in important places and Art capital cities such as Paris and Arles. Their expertise will be invaluable to me in advancing and developing my career. The objective with the support of Art-Trope is to boost my visibility among the most relevant and receptive audiences to my approach.
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