• 26 Jun 2018

Art-Trope is pleased to announce its integration to main incubator of cultural and media entrepreneurs in France: Creatis. Since its creation in 2012, the incubator has been supporting close to 130 companies including Maddyness.

Creatis Logo

Creatis Logo the residence of cultural and media entrepreneurs

Creatis incubator philosophy: adapting to the entrepreneur

Creatis belongs to the Scintillo Group founded by Steven Hearn in 2010 which manages an ecosystem of around fifteen cultural companies. It combines resources, talents and thinking around the cultural reaction through the shares acquisition of companies and infrastructures. Scintillo’s goal is to create a strong network of cultural companies by structuring, increasing the value and the impact of engaged projects. Creatis’ philosophy is based on human values. Indeed, the project’s value relies on the one who carries it out. As a result, Creatis chose to bet on human value to offer a tailored support adapted to each project. Such a strategy has been fruitful since Creatis has been supporting 130 companies generating a cumulative revenue of 23 million Euros and raised 13 million Euros since 2012. Also, the supported companies’ 4 years survival rate reaches 85%. Creatis is also located in Brussels and will soon open another location in Lyon in 2019.

Grand opening of FAR at 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi in Paris

Grand opening of FAR, 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, Paris © FAR

FAR: Creatis’ new address

Creatis grew up inside the Gaîté Lyrique for 5 years, promoting and animating the concert hall (through mediation projects, conferences, new ticketing systems etc.). Since May 2018, Creatis moved to 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi in Paris as part of the cultural projects accelerator FAR which puts together entrepreneurs, creators, Artists, institutions, makers, non-profits, journalists, researchers and audiences. Thanks to this new place at the core of Paris, and to the work of Creatis Brussels, Creatis’ future is to be wider and more international. This new location represents 2600 square meters dedicated to the acceleration of cultural and media projects, events, partners and quality co-builders. Art-Trope is among the supported projects and will soon move its offices to 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi in Paris.

FAR entrance at 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi à Paris

FAR entrance, 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi

The relationship between Creatis and Art-Trope

Being an entrepreneur is a vocation that requires to be professionally supported. Indeed, entrepreneurs are often facing the development of their projects alone. “Like the Artists to whom we dedicate our services, entrepreneurs are often isolated in their development. The integration of Creatis is an incredible opportunity to accelerate Art-Trope‘s development in France and abroad by benefiting from a solid expertise on what developing a company means” said Art-Trope’s Communication Director Julien Lafaye. Indeed, the goal of Art-Trope, New Generation of Artists Agency is to support worldwide Artists in their career development by offering them all the services they need to go forward. To that end, Art-trope has been continuously developing new technological and human means to deliver the services in the most efficient way possible. “We are pleased to enter Creatis which will enable Art-Trope to keep going forward with its mission at the worldwide Artists’ service” concludes Art-Trope’s President and CEO Virginie Tison.

Partnership symbol

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