• 23 Nov 2017

Art-Trope is pleased to present its new partner, Didier Chambaretaud, consultant in decisive moments, founder of Actal and “18Minutestalks”:

This is the logo of 18Minutestalks which was founded by Didier Chambaretaud.

18Minutestalks logo © Didier Chambaretaud

This is the logo of Acatl founded by Didier Chambaretaud.

Logo Acatl © Didier Chambaretaud

Didier Chambaretaud: a professional background dedicated to support leaders

Didier Chambaretaud is an entrepreneur in the fields of e-commerce, online edition and professional services. For more than 30 years, he has been offering consulting services to corporate leaders. Following up his experience as a leader himself both in large corporations and SMEs, he became, coincidentally, a mediator. As a result, a new passion was born: being consultant in decisive moments. Decisive moments refer to conflicts, management transition actions, negotiations with highly sensitive stakes, strategic decisions, and important “speaking in public” sessions. Didier Chambaretaud is also a licensee and a curator at TEDx for multiple seminars. He keeps on assisting Ivy League schools in getting speakers ready for TEDx conferences and talks. He has been regularly helping out major corporations as well as SMEs, but also conventions, seminars and even orators to prepare their speaking in public sessions ever since.

This is a picture of Didier Chambaretaud, founder of 18Minutestalks and Acatl.

Acatl logo © Didier Chambaretaud

18Minutestalks and Actal: solutions dedicated to decisive moments and speaking in public sessions

Whether you organize a seminar, a convention or an executive board meeting, present a financial or marketing plan, 18Minutestalks and Actal offer a wide range tailored and quick solutions. The goal is to prepare decisive moments specifically whether it is pure leadership, presentations, meetings or conferences. For example, the “Experience Design” program combines consulting services, courses and individual trainings to help large scale structures get ready for their event. Effectively, speakers are trained and prepared. The word Acatl was used in various graphic signs in Mesoamerican cultures as well as in ancient Aztec astrology to symbolize renewing, wisdom and leadership. Acatl offers services to go through decisive moments and publishes essays and books in the spirit of TEDx conferences.

18 minutes to succeed in your presentation, the latest book of Didier Chambaretaud

The TED international conferences aim at broadcasting ideas. The speakers come from multiple disciplines and cover a wide range of topics: science, Art, politics, architecture, music… Didier Chambaretaud’s book offers an unprecedented practical guide to train to speak in public in corporations by using the experience and the format of TED talks (18 minutes). The book conveys numerous practical cases as well as exercises and flash codes leading to TED conferences videos.

18 minutes pour réussir votre présentation is a book de Didier Chambaretaud, published by Broché in 2016.

18 minutes pour réussir votre présentation, a book de Didier Chambaretaud, Broché, 2016

Order Didier Chambaretaud’s book here.

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