• 23 Mar 2018

As Art Basel Hong Kong is about to start on March 29th 2018, his founder, Magnus Renfrew announced the creation of an upcoming similar artistic event in Taipei. Even though the new Art fair won’t be as ambitious as the one in Hong Kong in terms or number of exhibitors, it will remain of significant importance for the region.

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From Hong Kong to Taipei

In 2007, Magnus Renfrew founded Art Hong Kong. This cultural entrepreneur, former Deputy Chairman of Bonhams auctions in Asia chose the Chinese city for its tax incentives among other items. Indeed, he told the Art Newspaper: “Hong Kong is the right context for a global fair for Asia. It has the right tax circumstances, the shared history with the West and the global connectivity.” The Art fair has been a great success to the extent that let Art Basel to buy it in 2012. This happy ending enabled Magnus Renfrew to establish his artistic authority on the region. As a result, he naturally thought about creating a new exceptional Art fair in Asia. To that end, he chose Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city which counts over two and a half million inhabitants. This city on the rise is also ideally located in central Asia.

The new Art fair in Taipei: a different kind of ambition

The name of the new Art fair in Taipei is full of symbols. Indeed, it will be called “Taipei Dangdai” which means “present moment” in Mandarin. The goal is not to be the second best but rather developing a unique influence on the region. As a result Taipei Dangdau will not ba as important as Art Basel Hong Kong in terms of number of exhibitors, maintained below 140 and ideally close to 80. Magnus Renfrew said: “My feeling is that absolutely it could grow, but we’re in no rush to grow exponentially. We want to make sure we grow in sync with the market.” Therefore, the idea is to determine a specific regional orientation in order to have a positive influence. In that context, the fair will include a section dedicated to emerging galleries that were founded less than 8 years ago.

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What we know about Taipei’s Art fair so far

The Art fair will be presented by UBS and will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This imposing building opened in 2008 and cost close to 110 million dollars. The complex has a capacity of 2626 booths with normal dimensions of 3 meters by 3 meters. In order to coincide with the Taipei Biennial, the first edition of the Art fair is planned to take place in January 2019. The emphasis will be laid on the most influential galleries in the region but also on emerging galleries. A Salon will take place concurrently and will be dedicated to Artworks that are worth less than 8000 dollars. Also, Magnus Renfrew said that Taiwan remained under estimated as a country. In fact, the country is ranked fifth globally in terms of capital and potential. The list of participants for the first edition has not been disclosed yet but all eyes are on the next announcement of its president.

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