The purpose of the present General Conditions is to define the relationship between, on the one  hand, ART-TROPE, a Simplified Joint Stock Company with a capital of 5,142.26 euros, registered  in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under SIRET number 820 804 185, represented as  Chairman by Mr. Adrien PAUL, whose registered office is 37 Rue des Mathurins - 75008 Paris -  France, as well as the rights and obligations of the Parties within the framework of the online sale of the Products proposed by ART-TROPE and, on the other hand, any individual or  legal entity wishing to benefit from the services proposed by ART-TROPE.  

The company ART-TROPE is a New Generation International Agency and Gallery for Collectors who market Services and works of Art through its websites:,, The company can be  contacted by email by clicking on the contact tab accessible via the home page of our site: or at 

The Products provided by ART-TROPE are subject to the present General  Conditions. 

These General Conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the provision of the works of art of the artists represented by ART-TROPE via the ART-TROPE website. In particular, their purpose is to define the conditions under which ART-TROPE allows Buyers to : 
- register on the ART-TROPE website to purchase the works of art or any other product  available for sale ; 
- choose the product of their choice; 
- contact ART-TROPE to finish an acquisition by emailing

The Artist's subscription to the proposed Services does not imply any license or right of use on  the software composing the ART-TROPE websites.  

The purchase of products offered to the Collector does not imply any license or right of use on the  software composing the ART-TROPE websites. 

General provisions: The present General Conditions of Sales apply to all sales of products and to Artist's representation, made through the company's websites. ART-TROPE reserves the right to modify the  present Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing a new version on its website. The present  General Terms of Sales then applicable are those in force at the date of payment of the order.  They can be consulted on the Company's website. ART-TROPE also ensures that their  acceptance is clear and without reserve. The website User declares to have acknowledged all the present General Terms of Sale, and if necessary  the Particular Terms of Sale linked to a service and/or a product, and to accept them without  restriction or reserve. The Customer declares to be able to contract legally under French law to  represent the person or legal entity to which they are committed. Unless proven otherwise, the  information recorded by ART-TROPE constitutes proof of all transactions. 

1. Definitions 
In the General Terms and Conditions set out below, the following words and expressions shall  have the meaning given to them by the definitions set out below: 
- Declared e-mail address(es): for ART-TROPE, this refers to the e-mail address(es) concerning the  Artist appearing on the documents and/or on ART-TROPE websites, and for the Artist and/or the  Collector, this refers to the e-mail address declared by the Artist in the information provided when registering online. 
- Artist: refers to the natural person(s) or legal entity(ies) represented on ART-TROPE's  websites, corresponding to a collaboration agrrement for which ART-TROPE is authorized to publish its profile on the websites, a personalized virtual gallery,  the online sale of its works of art. 
- Collector: refers to the natural or legal person(s) registered for the acquisition of Products on ART TROPE's websites.
- Product(s): refers to the work(s) of Art of the represented Artists or any other product such as art  books, etc. 
- Service(s): refers to the service(s) provided by ART-TROPE to the Artist and/or the Collector. 
- General Conditions: refers to the present General Conditions of Sale. 
- Mail: refers to any correspondence between ART-TROPE, the Artist and/or the Collector by mail  and/or e-mail. 
- Part(s): refers to the part(s) of the online registration. 
- Artist Profile: refers to the tool used by ART-TROPE to represent the Artist corresponding to his/ her collaboration agreement. ART-TROPE  is in charge of publishing the artist's elements and the he/she does not have access to the  back-offices of ART-TROPE's websites. 
- Collectors Registration: refers to the confidential code, spaces and functionalities reserved to the  Collector after registration on ART-TROPE websites, achieved by filling out an online form in order  to acquire the selected Product(s). 
- ART-TROPE websites: means all ART-TROPE's technological means and software accessible on  the Internet, at the following addresses:,, and. 

2. Description of the Services 
The prices of the Websites are indicated in Euros and precisely determined on the Internet pages. ART-TROPE  reserves the right to change prices at any time in the future. The telecommunication costs  necessary to access the company's websites are to be paid by the user. 
The product purchase service (of works of art or any other product for sale on the websites)  proposed for the Collector in order to acquire products of their choice.  

3. The essential characteristics of the collaboration with the Artists represented are describes in the collaboration agreement. The Collector certifies having received a  detail of the services, the fees as well as the terms of payment, delivery of the service and/or its execution. ART-TROPE undertakes to honor the order placed by the Collector, failing which ART-TROPE will inform the Artist and/or the Collector in order to seek solutions to  resolve any difficulties encountered. Except under special conditions, the rights  granted hereunder are granted only to the natural person signing the order (or the person holding  the email address provided).  

Each Artist undertakes to provide ART-TROPE and its representatives with all the information necessary for his good representation. The information and documents transmitted  by the Artist are deemed to be in good faith. Thus, ART-TROPE cannot be held responsible for  any inaccuracy or erroneous data in any printed or digital content that has been elaborated on the  basis of the elements provided by the Artist. 
Each Artist undertakes to provide his or her information and documents in French and/or English  and/or Chinese to ART-TROPE and to respect the deadlines given by ART-TROPE. ART-TROPE reserves the right to refuse to honor a collaboration agreement in case of the  Artist's inability to provide the requested elements and/or to respect the deadlines given by ART TROPE. In this case, no reimbursement will be made. 

4. Terms and conditions for the registration of an Artist 
The Artist undertakes to provide with exactitude, sincerity and in a complete way all the  information which is asked of him/her in French and/or English and/or Chinese. The Artist can send his portfolio with the following link :

5. Duration of the commitment 
The Artist undertakes to honor the conditions of the collaboration agreement.

6. Price of Additional Services 
The price of the Products offered is subject to the application of French VAT equal to 20% for the Collector residing in France but does not apply for any Collector residing abroad.  The Art Coach Services offered by Virginie Tison, Founder and Curator of ART-TROPE, are not  subject to VAT.

7. Payment of Services 
The Collector will have to follow a series of steps specific in order to carry out his or her order. These steps are described below:  
* Selection of the Product(s) including its purchase options from the Artists represented by the Art  Trope Gallery ; 
* Add this selection to the cart 
* Log in to your profile with your email and password to access the basket of the selected  Product(s). 
* Confirm your personal information (First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Phone Number,  Address, Postal Code, City, Country), fill in the fields concerning the billing address and click  Continue 
* Confirm the the Collector's delivery preference  
* Fill in your bank details and place the order 
* Confirm the order and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale ; * Receive a confirmation email  
* The Collector is contacted by the ART-TROPE team concerning their acquisition in order to  settle the last details. 
 For the purpose of an effective handling of the order in accordance with the Article 1316-1 of the  Civil Code, the Artist and/or the Collector commits himself to provide his true identification  elements. ART-TROPE reserves the right to refuse any abnormal request, made in bad faith or for  any legitimate reason. 
The payment of the Products will be made on ART-TROPE's Websites with the secure online  payment methods of the company Stripe. All credit cards are accepted.  
ART-TROPE does not assume the reimbursement of bank charges in case of dispute.  
For secure online payment, the Collector is sent to the server of the company Stripe which  ensures the security of the transaction. The Collector's acquisition of a selected Product will only be validated and activated by ART TROPE once the Stripe company server has given its authorization for the transaction. 
ART-TROPE warn that security also requires proper  maintenance of the Artist's and/or Collector's computer, including, but not limited to, the  application of security updates proposed by the publisher of the software(s) used. The Artist and/ or the Collector must also ensure, using appropriate security software, that his or her computer is  not infected or subject to a security flaw of such a nature as to compromise the security of the  transaction. 
The Collector guarantees that he or she has the necessary authorizations to  use the method of payment chosen by him or her when applying for registration.  
ART-TROPE reserves the right to suspend the processing of the application in case of refusal  to authorize payment by credit card by officially accredited organizations. 
ART-TROPE cannot be held responsible for any misappropriation or fraudulent use of any  means of payment. 

8. Termination 
ART-TROPE may terminate the Artist's representation with immediate effect after written notification in the event of  violation by the Artist of these General Conditions and/or the regulations in force and/or the  violation of third party rights such as, but not limited to: 
a) publication of information by the Artist containing illegal or infringing written material or content  that violates the rights of third parties; 
b) misuse of the purpose of the ART-TROPE Websites; 
c) defamatory statements by the Artist on ART-TROPE ; 
d) behavior of the Artist that does not allow a positive outcome of the collaboration with ART TROPE; 
e) failure to produce the elements necessary to deliver the Service subscribed to by ART-TROPE.

9. Confidentiality, data protection and additional services 
Each Party will maintain the confidentiality of all specific provisions and will not disclose them to any third party (except to its  professional advisers and/or their respective subsidiaries and affiliates on a confidential basis)  without the prior written consent of the other Party, unless otherwise required by law. ART-TROPE undertakes to comply with any applicable data protection legislation in force, and will  collect and process personal data in accordance with its privacy and confidentiality policy  available in accordance with the new European General Regulation on Data Protection effective  May 25, 2018 described in the following link: 

In order to maintain the integrity of the ART-TROPE Websites, ART-TROPE reserves the right to  communicate contact information to any regulatory and supervisory authority if it is required to do  so. ART-TROPE and its subsidiaries or branches may also transmit contact information in case of  complaint regarding the use by the Collector of the ART-TROPE Websites and  when this use is considered incompatible with the purchased product. 
The Artist and/or the Collector authorizes ART-TROPE to send him/her by email any information  concerning improvements to the Services, important new features and other promotional  information (including any surveys), as long as the Artist and/or the Collector does not expressly  object in writing. 

10. Limitation of responsibility 
ART-TROPE assumes no liability towards the Artist or any other third party for any loss of  profits, operating loss, any replacement cost of the Services and/or Products or indirect or  consequential immaterial losses or damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, regardless of the  cause, and its exclusive recourse for any claim, loss or damage related to any of the Services  provided and/or Products to be provided under these General Terms and Conditions shall be  limited to the price that the Artist and/or the Collector has actually paid for said Service(s) and/or Products. 
ART-TROPE is only bound by an obligation of means regarding the continuity of its online representation. ART-TROPE, in particular, and without this list being exhaustive, cannot be held liable: a) in the event of breakdowns, technical problems, in particular related to computer programs,  
hardware or software or the Internet network. This absence of liability is not limited to  interruptions, suspensions or closures of the Service. The unavailability of the Service does not  entitle the Artist to damages; 
b) the results of the Artist's work; 
c) with regard to the content of the documents and information that the Artist communicates,  which is the full and entire responsibility of the Artist. ART-TROPE relies exclusively on information communicated by the Artist to carry out the subscribed representation. 
ART-TROPE cannot be held liable for indirect damages, such as, in particular, damages  caused by loss of data, by fraudulent behavior, by computer hacking, by the accidental  transmission or distribution of viruses or other harmful elements, by the attitude or behavior of  third parties or users.
ART-TROPE cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the Artist for an exhibition.  ART-TROPE is not required to ensure a continuous physical presence at the place of an exhibition  to represent the Artist. 
ART-TROPE cannot be held responsible in case of theft or damage to the Artist's works  exhibited nor in case of theft or damage occurring at the Art Trope Gallery and/or at an exhibition  venue. 
The Artist understands that the collaboration agreement is added to this general conditions of sales.
The Artist releases ART-TROPE, its employees and its managers from any liability for any  prejudice resulting from the use of the Site or the associated Services, regardless of the invoked  or actual cause of the prejudice. 
Without limiting the scope of the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions,  ART-TROPE's liability if it were to be engaged, whatever the form of action or cause of action,  could not exceed, all damages combined, the sum paid by the Artist to ART-TROPE  corresponding to the current year. 

11.Force majeure 
ART-TROPE will not be held responsible for delays or impediments relating to the execution of the  General Conditions in the event of the occurrence of any event beyond its control that prevents or  delays the realization of the Service(s) provided, assimilated to force majeure. It will be so for the  following events, and without this list being restrictive: natural disasters, maritime or air perils,  fires, earthquakes, floods, sabotage, boycott, epidemic, war (declared or undeclared), riot or any  other event independent of the will of ART-TROPE. 

12. Terms of Use of Services on ART-TROPE Websites 
In the event that there is a contradiction between the Terms of Use of the Site as described in this  paragraph and the provisions of the General Conditions, the latter will prevail. ART-TROPE reserves the right to suspend the Artist's representation, if ART-TROPE has a valid reason to suspect that the Artist violates any  part of the General Conditions, any other agreement between ART-TROPE and the Artist or any  Terms of Use. 
ART-TROPE reserves the right to modify and supplement the General Terms and Conditions of  Sale at any time, without notice and without compensation. 

13. Useful links 
ART-TROPE reserves the right to include hypertext and descriptive links to external sites on the  Site itself. Under no circumstances can ART-TROPE be held responsible for the content of these  sites, products and services contained therein, nor for damages of any nature whatsoever that  may occur following the visit or use of these sites. 

14. Intellectual Property 
The content of the ART-TROPE Websites is protected by the application of all applicable  laws and regulations. Unless otherwise stated, all elements of ART-TROPE Websites (texts,  names, photographs, images, icons, denominations, logos, acronyms, expressions, drawings,  products, databases, software) and related rights of use are the exclusive property of ART-TROPE  or its partners and constitute trademarks or elements registered and protected by copyright. 
In order to allow ART-TROPE to provide the representation, the Artist grants ART-TROPE license to  represent their content on the Sites for the entire duration of the Contract and with international  reach. The reproduction of all documents published on ART-TROPE's Websites is only authorized  for the exclusive purpose of information for personal and strictly private use. Any total or partial  reproduction, copy, adaptation, or external publication or any exploitation in any manner  whatsoever, (and other cases provided for by law) of the elements present on the Sites for other  purposes is strictly prohibited and requires the prior written authorization of ART-TROPE. The  non-respect of these rules can engage the civil and penal responsibility of the offender.
ART-TROPE reserves the right to claim damages in case of damage that may constitute an  act of counterfeiting and more generally infringement of its intellectual property rights. 

15. Communications by ART-TROPE concerning the Artist 
The Artist authorizes ART-TROPE to reproduce his or her trademark and distinctive signs, to  mention his or her name and his or her status as an Artist on the pages of ART-TROPE Websites  for the realization of the subscribed services but also for the promotion of ART-TROPE. 

16. Entire 
The nullity of a contractual clause does not entail the nullity of the General Terms and Conditions  unless it is an impulsive and decisive clause that led one of the Parties to conclude the  subscribed service. 
ART-TROPE's temporary or permanent non-application of one or more clauses of the General  Conditions does not constitute a waiver of the other clauses of the General Conditions which  continue to produce their effects. 
Any contractual modification is valid only after a written agreement signed by both parties. 

17. Applicable law - Jurisdiction 
The General Terms and Conditions are governed, interpreted and applied under French law. All the clauses contained in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as all the  purchase and sale operations referred to therein shall be subject to French law. Only the Commercial Court of PARIS shall be competent to hear any disputes relating to these  General Terms and Conditions of Sale and their implementation, including their validity,  interpretation, execution, termination and consequences. 

The most recent version of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale is that of the date indicated at the end of this document. 

Date of the most recent update of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale: November 15, 2022. Thank you for sharing this page 

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