• 5 Dec 2017

Art-Trope Artist Gysin Broukwen tells us his strory and talks about his approach to Artistic Collage:

This Artwork is an Abstract collage made by Art-Trope Artist Gysin Broukwen.

Outsider Collage 2017 © Gysin Broukwen

His path

The origin of Artistic creation remains mysterious. It must come from the need of expressing oneself through Fine Arts. I started with Collages of cut images as opposed to drawings and paintings, to create an image, a canvas. Papercutting with magazines and newspapers is my primal material which I use to create a new reality, a form that is close to sculpture. Then I went from the “montage” of still images to moving images by directing my own films or by doing the montage of others’ films. I do not have a specific technical training. I studied Art History in College: Surrealism, Op-Art, “Cinétisme”, Impressionism, Art Brut etc, I mixed with Artists (Arroyo, Sunagawa, Soto, Bruce, Rancillac etc) and worked at the Denise René Gallery. I consider myself as a self-taught Artist influenced by several Artistic movements: Constructivism, Minimalism, Dadaism, Pop-Art, Op-Art. I directed several documentaries about Artists, one of which can be found on Vimeo and is entitled “Sunagawa” as well as a video clip. I have also worked as a film editor and a cameraman for 12 years. Right now, I work in IT.

His sphere of expression

I do not think I have specific inspiring influences. Sometimes it is the news that prevails; sometimes it is a shape or a color arrangement. It is more like the combination of shapes and colors with chance, which, from time to time, can be close to Art Brut. I do not have recurring themes. All themes interest me sounds more like it. The Collage technique allows much freedom. Collage enables to make several attempts, try many propositions of shapes and contents. I aim at causing emotions, interrogations, visual sensations such as harmony, balance, beauty, ugliness, the unusual, and clash of ideas. I am the first audience of the Artwork. I like to be surprised by a creation that is put together ex nihilo from images’ fragments. I hope that this type of surprise can be transmitted to other spectators.

This is an Abstract Artistic Collage made in 2017 by Art-Trope Artist Gysin Broukwen.

Ephemeral Eternal Return Collage 2017 © Gysin Broukwen

His evolution

My Artworks evolved to become more abstract creations closer to sculptures, less narrative, tending to Op-Art. The basic technique remains the same and so does the material. Since this current year, I have been scanning the original pieces and photographs of older Collages to print it on paper or on a support made of metal. The idea is to propose limited editions of my Artworks. I currently work on abstract pieces in black and white as well as Artworks closer to Art Brut and news related themes. I reflect on the use of mixed techniques on different types of supports. Maybe I will use volumes made of wood or metal as well as a new way of presenting my different Collages: protected under Plexiglass for instance.

His exhibitions

My greatest memory is Parisian and goes way back to the 80s. It was my show in June 1988 at the Usine Gallery in Paris. Indeed, it was my first exhibition and I will be forever grateful to its Director Claudine Brabant for deciding to show my Artworks after seeing my Collage pieces. In 2018 I will show my Artworks in several exhibition spaces but nothing is definite yet. Nevertheless, I hope I will have the opportunity to exhibit abroad in the near future.

The Artist and Art-Trope

Few galleries take on the risk to show the Artworks of an Artist who had few exhibitions. Art-Trope can help me by introducing me to exhibition spaces by emphasizing the uniqueness and specificity of my work. Providing me with galleries contacts that would be more likely interested to see my Artworks is what matters the most to me. Moreover, the necessity of increasing the visibility of my Artworks is also very important thanks to Art-Trope’s networks.

This is a Figurative Collage made in 1988 by Art-Trope Artist Gysin Broukwen.

Creased Fossil Collage 1988 © Gysin Broukwen


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