• 27 Mar 2018

The photographers couple Isabelle and Amar Guillen shares with their artistic vision of photography. Inspired by nature’s richness, they tell us their story.

Photograph entitled Plumes 12 (Feathers 12) by Isabelle and Amar Guillen

Plumes 12 (Feathers 12) © Isabelle and Amar Guillen

Their path

We came to artistic photography after several years of work in magazines and image banks. We created a true life project dedicated to photography in order to share our emotions and our way of being. Our artistic creativity established itself as years went by through the implementation of foundations to go even further whlie leaving our mark on earth. Since we studied to be engineers, such a practice came to us as self evident because we did not enroll any particular training. As self taught Artists passionate about nature’s treasures, we share this passion through our Art.

Their artistic statement

We are inspired by nature’s richness whether it is terrestrial, submarine or related to wildlife. By contemplating nature we find our inspiration to create our photographs in which the technique enriches our creativity. We chose three photographic themes: submarine photography, landscape photography, and wildlife photography. When it comes to submarine photography, sunken ships are one of our main themes because it suggests a questioning about the story of the boats. We like the movement that wildlife photography suscitates including birds which symbolize freedom and journey. The mineral aspect interests us with empty deserts and its combination of structures and textures. Our photographs have a minimalistic dimension through the interplay between the beams of light. By creating our photographs we would like to invite the audience to dream and escape the world we live when seeing our Artworks. It is an invitation to calm and introspection. As a result, the scenes we show in our photos are ethereal, refined to showcase unique and evanescent moments.

Photograph entitled Notes de musique sur l'eau 01 (Music notes on water 01) byIsabelle and Amar Guillen

Notes de musique sur l’eau 01 (Music notes on water 01) © Isabelle and Amar Guillen

Their evolution

Originally, our photography was destined to illustrate press articles and books. Since 2010, we changed course and have been taking our artistic photographs. We enact our creativity as for the choice of framing, compositions and points of view. Nowadays, our photographs show calm, serenity, which are feelings that nature inspires. As a result, benevolence towards the viewer remains essential. We continue to work on landscape series, including coastal ones and lakes because of the fluidity and peaceful aspect of water. Our next research will focus on calming scenes including a work on clouds. Indeed, it represents the sky’s language. Therefore, it is a powerful emotional hint for the viewer who sees his/her own representation of people he/she may know or evocative scenes. We are focusing more and more on black and white because it enables us to be more direct in our messages.

Photograph entitled Infini 01 (Infinity 01) by Isabelle and Amar Guillen

Infini 01 (Infinity 01) © Isabelle and Amar Guillen

Their exhibitions

We have been exhibiting since 2012 both in France and in the United States. Even though all exhibitions are different, every single one was satisfactory. Our last exhibition took place in France last year and was entitled “Atmosphere on Dombes’ pond” with a 20 photographs series of birds took in the Dombes swamp. As for upcoming exhibitions, we are currently looking for new opportunies with the support of Art-Trope.

The relation the photographers have with Art-Trope

We have been confronted to difficulties in terms of visibility and ways to sell our Artworks. Indeed, we need to be supported to better position ourselves in the Fine Arts market. Registered in Art-Trope since December 2017, we are content with services that were delivered. In fact, we were able to better figure out our needs while defining a comprehensive strategy on the long-term. Even though the Art-Trope experience remains recent, we are in touch with a professional and trained team. 

Photograph entitled Fantômes du marais 07 (The swamp's ghosts 07) by Isabelle and Amar Guillen

Fantômes du marais 07 (The swamp’s ghosts 07) © Isabelle and Amar Guillen


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