• 16 Mar 2017

“In an era of globalization, it is important for Artists to be able to exhibit internationally and safely for their Artworks.”

Virginie Tison Fondatrice & CEO of Art-Trope

Virginie Tison, Fondatrice & CEO of Art-Trope © Art-Trope

Art-Trope’s Founder and President Virginie Tison tells, from her experience as a painter, how she identified the problems of the artistic profession and provided a solution adapted to the Contemporary Fine Arts market.

Can you introduce us to Art-Trope ?

Art-Trope is a company that provides services entirely dedicated to worldwide Artists who wish to exhibit in the major cities of the Fine Arts market such as Paris, New York and London. Art-Trope supports Artists in the long-term regardless of their artistic level and their geographical location.

What do you propose to Artists ?

To ensure the visibility on the artistic scenes as well as on Internet, Art-Trope offers the Artists a set of à la carte services dedicated to their needs. Art-Trope aims to develop technological tools enabling them to manage without difficulty their artistic career.

How is that different from what already exists ?

The difference is that Art-Trope is not a simple online platform, because the goal is to deliver to the Artists a service in interaction with the Fine Arts market in the targeted cities. On the globalization level, it is important for them to be able to exhibit internationally and in safely for their artworks. The more they exhibit in these cities in the long-term, the more collectors who generally become investors will buy their Artworks.

What are the benefits for the Artists ?

In order to search exhibition spaces and manage his/her career, an Artist often needs to travel to the city where he would like to exhibit and often has to knock on doors with his portfolio in hand. If by luck, the Artist finds an exhibition, he/she however cannot afford to stay for a long time in the city. Such a context results in an increasing risk of having his/her Artworks lost or stolen. Not only does Art-Trope contribute to a better safety, it also helps to follow the evolution of the Artists in the long-term.

What are the developments that you are planning to do ?

I have big ambitions for the Artists through Art-Trope. Of course, everything depends on the quality of the Artists’ artwork. But I remain confident: I have met many talented Artists who have still not found their place in the art market. But I would like to emphasize the fact that it is not the Artists’ artwork that should be questioned, but the way the Fine Arts market is operating. Behind every artwork, there is an Artist, a message, a research, an esthetic approach and Art-Trope is there to secure its sustainability.

Why did it take you so many years before starting the company ?

It has taken a long time to achieve my training. Originally I am a painter, and it took me a while to understand how the Fine Arts market works on every level and to find solutions to its problems. I had to be 100 % sure before starting Art-Trope in order not to involve Artists in an uncertain future. My motivation is to improve the Artists’ situation all around the world, it allows me to create every day through Art-Trope. It is like an extension of myself. I truly and deeply care about this mission and realize my vision is about to come true.

Gérard Delorme – Former Assistant Director of Lagardère Active