• 24 May 2018

For two weeks, two Roman villas of ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum will host a series of Artworks by British Artist Catrin Huber. Such an initiative follows up the September 2017 announcement of the opening of the archaeological sites to living Artists.

Pompeii in Italy

Pompeii, Italy © Pixabay

Pompeii and Herculaneum : two antique places for the contemporary

In a declaration made in September 2017, the General Director of the two archaeological sites explained that it still was “a place for the contemporary.” Indeed, the idea was to build a Contemporary Art exhibition to be exhibited directly in the archaeological sites. Launched in 2017, the initiative started with an ambitious exhibition. As a result the exhibition “Pompeii at Madre: Archaeological Material“, an unprecedented collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art of Naples (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina) and the archaeological site. The idea was to show the Artists and intellectuals’ fascination for the archaeological sites from Goethe to Corbusier. Among the exhibited Artists were included Laure Prouvost, Jimmie Durham and Adrian Villar Rojas.

“Expanded Interiors”: the immersive experience of Pompeii and Herculaneum

Until January 2019, the House of the Beautiful Courtyard at Herculaneum and the House of the Cryptoporticus in Pompeii host an artistic and immersive experience for its visitors. Catrin Huber, Artist based in Newcastle, proposes a series of Artworks that are part of a project that includes 3D printing. The installation in Herculaneum focuses on female figures and faces. Catrin Huber’s work includes contemporary paintings on walls that echo the house’s bathroom. The project was financed by the Arts and Humanities Research Council for 270,000 pounds. This project follows up the co-exhibition of the month of November 2017.

House of the Beautiful Courtyard in Herculaneum

House of the Beautiful Courtyard, Herculaneum, Italy © Pixabay

Adapting the ancient world to contemporary

The idea is to introduce Contemporary Art to archaeological sites is the result of a sincere friendship between Massimo Osanna, Directorof Pompeii and Herculaneum and Pierpaolo Forte, President of the Naples Contemporary Art Museum. “We share a philosophy that cultural heritage is not for specialists but for the millions of visitors who come every year, so we need to adapt the ancient site to the contemporary world” said Massimo Osanna. The goal is also to build a Contemporary Art Collection. In order to exhibit the acquired Artworks, Massimo Osanna spotted an ancient explosives factory that belongs to the State. Located 4 kilometers away from the ruins, the building could host educational programs and conferences while serving as a storage facility.

3D printing

3D Printing © Pixabay


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Source: The Art Newspaper