• 5 Mar 2018

On March 7th 2018 the third edition of the group show “Papier fait son cinéma” at the Christiane Peugeot space in Paris will open its doors. The selected Artists include sculptor Minh Châu and collagist Gysin Broukwen, both Art-Trope Artists. We had an interview with curator Laura le Corre.

This picture taken by Harcourt is a portrait of curator Laura le Corre.

Laura le Corre © Harcourt

Laura le Corre: a multi-faceted curator

For Laura le Corre, Art is a story of a life: “I am the daughter of an Artist in a family where every member painted, sculpted, created.” After graduating in advertising and graphic design, Laura le Corre first expressed her creativity through model making. She then worked for an editing company before founding in 1990 the Theatre Gallery in Quimper, Brittany: “the idea was to focus on New Figuration (…) with great Artists such as Gérard Guillemart, Georges Schuman, et Gérard le Cloarec”. In 1996, the adventure terminated and Laura le Corre became the Centre-Bretagne’s curator where she organized exhibitions dealing with historical Art: “finally, it enabled me to get back to my former job of model maker because an exhibition is a book in three dimensions after all.” After that experience, Laura le Corre left for the Reunion Island. “I had the opportunity to meet with several Artists and organized with some of them an exhibition at my house for three days. It was a great success: everybody wanted to do exhibitions at their homes and France Télévisions covered the event. This was when she created ARKaval, “a concept of exhibitions in companies, historical sites and at people’s homes. Ever since she came back to Paris 4 years ago, Laura le Corre has been working with the Christiane Peugeot space and the Barclays bank through which she also works for the Venice Biennale.

The Papier “Fait son cinéma” exhibition at the Christiane Peugeot space – opening on March 8th from 6:30pm

The exhibition focuses on paper as the intimate part of the Artwork. “With paper anything is possible (…) and the audience identifies to it” explained Laura le Corre. Indeed, whatever technique is used, paper can be a support as well as a raw material, texture or medium. Such a nature made it the favorite material for the 8 selected Artists who will exhibit at the Christiane Peugeot space in Paris from March 7th to March 19th 2018 every day from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm (except on Sunday our by making an appointment). According to Laura le Corre’s words, the Christiane Peugeot space “is a free (…), democratic and beautiful space”. Freedom is an essential quality for Laura le Corre who claims her liberty of creativity. As a result, all the Artists presented have different approaches from Figuration to Surrealism, Romanticism to Minimalism, Expressionism to play, poetry to Pop Art. The 8 Artists include sculptor Minh Chaû and collagist Gysin Broukwen.

Minh Châu uses papier-mâché to model tall and very thin bodies. On the rough skin of her sculpture one can read the marks left by time. It will be Minh Châu’s second exhibition after she was selected to the 2018 edition of Art Capital Art fair. “Her sculptures are magnificent with an extraordinary work on matter and texture through paper” as emphasized by Laura le Corre.

This picture represents one of Minh Châu's sculptures who is also an Art-Trope Artist.

© Minh Châu

-For Artist Gysin Broukwen, the use of collage as an artistic way of expression is the desire, if not the need to tell the story of the world and its inner world through images. Collage is as light as a feather and as permanent as eternity; it is an image carved in Chronos’ cloak. “Gysin Broukwen’s Art is close to Jean Arp and I really liked his work, which is yet constantly evolving” said Laura le Corre.

This Artwork by Art-Trope Artist Gysin Broukwen is a collage entitled Silencio.

Silencio © Gysin Brouken

Art-Trope at the Artists’ service

The Art-Trope community is based on mutual respect and sharing. Indeed, Art-Trope Artists help each other and exchange on their practices to better move forward in the development of their careers. In our interview with Laura le Corre, she talked about her impressions about Art-Trope:”we share a common approach to Art and contemporary Artists.” As a result, benevolence and sense of community are also essential to Laura le Corre who, like Art-Trope, aims at pulling the Artists out of their isolation. In addition, her international experience, including in China and Africa, led her to meet Artists from different horizons and sensibilities. In that context, she gives a particular attention to the artistic statements of each Artist she meets and follows. It resonates with Art-Trope’s action which supports Artists to reach their full potential in the expression of their artistic statement by favoring their fulfillment in Art and communicate their message to the world.

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