• 19 Feb 2018

Each year, the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF) puts together a selection committee to give the Marcel Duchamp Prize. As a result, on February 1st, 2018, the 11 Art collector members of the committee announced the names of the 2018 Marcel Duchamp Prize’s nominees. Indeed, Mohamed Bourouissa, Clément Cogitore, Marie Voignier and Thu Van Tran were nominated.

This picture by Adrien Mogenet represents the 2009 Marcel Duchamp award ceremony.

Marcel Duchamp Prize, 2009 © Adrien Mogenet

A historic award

The ADIAF created the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2000 with the intention to shine a light on French Artists or Artists living in France, who would be the representatives of their generation. The ward focuses on Fine and visual Arts, and gives a particular attention to innovation. Its selection committee is what makes it special. In fact, it is an award that is given by Art collectors only, as opposed to curators and museums’ directors. The goal is to enable a new generation of Artists to be supported by a structure more likely to promote their recognition and reinforce their visibility. Concurrently, an additional international career development support is provided to the Artists. Over 70 Artists, nominees and awarded, has been highlighted by the Marcel Duchamp Prize. Organized in partnership with the Centre Pompidou, the awarded Artists have the opportunity to exhibit in October in the museum. The winner will receive 35 000 €.

The 2018 Marcel Duchamp Prize nominees

On February 1st, 2018, Artists Mohamed Bourouissa, Clément Cogitore, Marie Voignier and Thu Van Tran were announced as the 2018 Marcel Duchamp Prize’s nominees. French Algerian filmmaker Artist Clément Cogitore was already awarded with the Le Bal de la Jeune Création given by the ADAGP. Represented by galleries Eva Hover and Reinhard Hauff his Artworks drew attention for their political and social ambitions combining fiction and documentary styles. The Artist will be presented at the FRAC of Auvergne starting from March 17th, 2018. Marie Voignier, the third nominee of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, also chose cinema as an artistic medium with a special attention to mass media, science and entertainment. Finally, the last nominee is the French Vietnamese Artist Thu Van Tran. Represented by Meesen De Clercq Gallery in Brussels, she is inspired by the history of her home country to better denounce social inequalities, isolationism and colonialism. Her Artworks combine writing, sculpture, painting and photography.

This picture by Jukka represents the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Centre Georges Pompidou © Jukka

The unique profile of Artist Mohamed Bourouissa

French-Moroccan Artist Mohamed Bourouissa is another one of the Marcel Duchamp Prize nominees. As opposed to his co-nominees, he already has exhibitions in one of the main Parisian institutions. Indeed, part of his Artworks is currently on view at the Paris Museum of Modern Art as well as the Studio 13/16 at the Centre Pompidou. Parisian gallery Kamel Mennour represents the young Artist. Mohamed Bourouissa made himself known through his photographs under the central theme of the individual’s place in social space. In fact, his series Périphéries (2005-2008) and Temps mort (2008) come from the same precise process of observation of society and both its marginality and collectiveness. From January 26th to April 22nd 2018, the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris hosts the Artist’s first institutional exhibition in France.

This picture by Fabrice Seixas represents the Parisian location of Kamel Mennour Gallery.

Kamel Mennour Gallery © Fabrice Seixas


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Sources: Connaissance des Arts and the ADIAF