• 30 Mar 2018

From April 2nd to April 13th 2018, explore photographer and Art-Trope Artist Florence Cardenti’s Artworks on the occasion of the symposium “Arts of image Automedialité and self construction” which questions our relations to self representation through image. Her presentation as well as the meeting with the Artists will take place on April 6th 2018. The Symposium is organized by the International College of Biographic Research in Education (CIRBE) of Paris 13 University.

Poster of Symposium "Arts de l’image, Automédialité et fabrique de soi"

Poster of Symposium “Arts de l’image, Automédialité et fabrique de soi” © CIRBE

Why Automédialité and self construction?

As a university research Symposium, the event of April 6th 2018 will talk about our own representation through image. As a result, the word Automédialité aims at going beyond the notion of autobiography. In fact, the idea is to lay the emphasis on self expression through a medium, particularly through image. The symposium does not intend on describing the way individuals represent themselves but rather the process that led them to do it that way. Both historical and cultural aspects encourage the individual to choose a particular medium to show himself/herself. Spread his/her singularity is his/her main goal. Such a transformation, one migh even say self transformation process is the one that is questioned by the symposium organized by the CIRBE.

Photograph entitled (Super)Nature 001 made in 2017 by Florence Cardenti

(Super)Nature 001, 2017 © Florence Cardenti

The participation of photographer Florence Cardenti

Photographer Florence Cardenti exhibits from April 2nd to April 13th 2018. You can find her Artworks in three different locations: Paris 13 University, the Bibliothèque Paris 8 and the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme. Florence Cardenti was born in Lyon and graduated in Graphic Arts, Photography and Contemporary Art from the University of Paris in 2016. With five other photographers she created Studio Dazzle in Paris, a workshop, photography studio, and a place for artistic exchanges. Her photography aims at gathering traces of presence in the world, whether natural or left by man, in order to build intimate, family or collective memories. She detailed her artistic statement in her interview with Art-Trope.

Photograph entitled (Super)Nature 002 made in 2017 by Florence Cardenti

(Super)Nature 002, 2017 © Florence Cardenti

Florence Cardenti’s intervention at the Symposium on Paril 6th 2018 at 2:30 pm a the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris

Florence Cardenti and Vanessa Buhrig propose an intervention with two crossing perspectives on two ver disinct counries: Iceland and Colombia. What will the presentation be about? “I will talk about “Body and Geography” in a conversation with another Artist, Vanessa Buhrig who exhibits under the theme “The Bodies’ Geography.” We confront our perspectives on two distinct journeys, in Iceland and Colombia which both generated images closely related to the experience we lived. We share with the audience the steps of the process which resulted in our projects to highlight the creative process and its construction in regards to Automédialtié. Such a presentation is important to me because it is a way to connect my artistic creation and a methodological approach that relates both to education science and biographic production. Through the collaboration between researchers and Artists, the work intends on emphasizing the importance of the use of image’s mediums in the context of the present and yet moving construction of the individual” answers Florence Cardenti.

Photograph entitled (Super)Nature 007 made in 2017 by Florence Cardenti

(Super)Nature 007, 2017 © Florence Cardenti


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