• 30 May 2018

Painter Artist Repiquet explores the multiple aspects of time and invites you to introspection. Discover her story:

Digital Artwork by Repiquet

Sainte Lucie 3, Photures series, 94in x 71in, 2017 © Repiquet

Her path

I grew an interest for painting at an early age. Indeed, I enrolled a training in drawing and painting followed by 4 years of study at the Beaux-Arts of Paris from which I graduated in 1984. The major part of my path was built around the exploration of different techniques: drawing, painting, mosaic and engraving. The combination of the techniques I learned during my multiple trainings led me to include light into my Artworks in 2006. Three years later I created the concept “Art is Light” that is to say the creation of luminous panels as architectural elements by adapting my Artworks to a private or public space in relation to the people who live in it. A gallery that is also a show room located in the 10th district of Paris was created to host this work.

Painting by Repiquet

Mistral Night,painting series, 47in x 79in, 2009 © Repiquet

Her artistic statement

Through the use of different supports I express my inner self as an invitation to introspection. To that end, I get my inspiration from time and its different aspects. After a few years of figurative exploration, I firmly chose abstraction gestures finding a way to express the present time. It has been a long research to free myself from judgments and accept the fact that what comes out of me is indeed a way of expressing a slice of life. For the visitor who sees my Artworks, my goal is to get an acceptance to my perspective of the sensitive world. It is like a message in a bottle, always hoping that somebody would find that message and benefit from it. As a result, my artistic statement aims at encouraging each human being to question his/her spiritual dimension.

Digital Artwork by Repiquet

Spatiales 09, Spatiales series, 27in x 39in, 2008 © Repiquet

Her evolution

I went from classical techniques with oil painting to acrylic painting and then mixed media which enabled me to free myself entirely. Light acts as a revealer of transparency to better unfold a hidden image. However, I am used to work without forecasting. Indeed, I patiently wait for a sensitive vibration to inhabit me to express myself. It is a slow process and yet a life-saving one. It enables me to continue evolving while proposing the viewers to see my Artworks a sensitive and personal perspective of the world that surrounds me.

Her exhibitions

I exhibited in several countries, from the United States to France and Japan. My Artworks were presented for the first time in 1990. Later on I also exhibited at the Contemporary Art Network in Manhattan in 2007. I also participated in a complete exhibition cycle during 10 years with a group of Artists called “Global Cultural Center” (GCC) around the world: Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa. Regarding the personal exhibitions I had the occasion to have some in Poland, Corsica and Paris where I had the opportunity to show my whole production from a specific time frame. However, my most vivid exhibition memory is from the Montansier Theater in Versailles where I could create Artworks relating to the theater.

Painting by Repiquet

Inner Mapping 1, Paintings series, 53in x 98in, 2011 © Repiquet

Her relation to Art-Trope

Like every Artist, I am looking for a way to move an even greater audience which would be sensitive to my work. In that context, Art-Trope supports me in order to promote my work. Thanks to an enhanced diffusion of my communication, Art-Trope strengthens my visibility as a Painter Artist. It is an essential aspect to support my artistic career on the long-term.

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