• 18 Apr 2019

Painter Zoe B invites us to explore her inner pictorial world like a journey beyond the limits of space and time:

Painting by Zoé B

Metamorphosis, 38in x 51in, 2019 © Zoé B

Her path

Painting is a visceral need. Every time I stopped painting in my life, my general condition always ended up deteriorating significantly. Over time, I learned not to resist it without asking myself too many questions! Answering this vital impulse encourages me to put my feelings, my moods and more precisely my inner journey into images on the canvas. This is a profound desire for self-expression and at the same time a compelling call to self-discovery. Simultaneously actress and spectator of the intensity of such moments out of time and words, I approach painting as a way of life that enables me to feel more complete, since to me both the body and the soul as a whole are involved in the creative act. A quote that moves me: “Painting is the discovery of Self. The Artist paints what he/she is” by Jackson Pollock.

Her artistic statement

The inner world with its meanders and mysteries is my main inspiration. I tirelessly lay down on the canvas my own inner journey, through the great symbolic and universal stages that are the mask, the part of shadow and light, the inner/outer couple, the consciousness and the presence at Self. In that context, the Expressionist Movement inspires me a lot, including the dreamlike and symbolic world of Dali. More contemporary: the statement of the Artist Anne Bachelier fascinates me. The series “Movements of life”, started in the summer of 2017, made me, sort to speak, the Artist I am today. With the series, I developed my “touch”, to finally reach a decision that had been close to my heart for years: to stop my psychoanalytical activity at the end of 2018 to devote myself entirely to the development of my artistic activity. Throughout this series, the characters seem to dissolve until they almost disappear, initiators and witnesses of the ongoing transformation process. With “Mouvements de vie”, I have also found the way to combine precision and spontaneity. The work of the ink flows is jubilant with these instinctive gestures where the movement responds to the momentum, for an always unpredictable result. Then comes the time to work in details and precision depending on what the previous step resulted in. On the line between spontaneous impetus and more technical work, it is these moments of pure creativity that intoxicate me and fuel me every day.

Artwork by Painter Zoé B

Turnaround II, 38in x 51in, 2017 © Zoé B

Her evolution

Through hard work and passion, my practice has evolved towards more depth, intensity, and professionalism. I have just started a new series which name is not yet defined. You will find the drips and the destructuring of the characters, but it will no longer be the movement but the expression of the faces and hands that will be emphasized. The particularity of this series lies in the technique used, which provides depth and a three-dimensional feeling. My mind is full of ideas, but 24 hours in a day is far from enough to get them translated. So, I don’t know exactly what my artistic approach will evolve towards yet, but ink will undoubtedly keep an important place in it!

Her exhibitions

Since 2009, I have exhibited mainly in France, from Cognac to Les Sables d’Olonne and La Rochelle, both in galleries such as the Galerie Blanche at the Sables d’Olonne and in Art fairs like the Salon d’automne d’Aizenay. Moreover, the 2017 fiap show in Les Sables d’Olonne and the 2018 Vents des Couleurs show in Danvix are memories that remain particularly vivid to me. Among other things, I will soon be exhibiting at “Des Arts au Haras” from May 17th to May 19th 2019 in La Rohe sur Yon but also at the Salon océanique des Arts à la Faute sur mer from July 14th to July 28th 2019 as well as at the Salon Art Atlantic la Rochelle on November 8th, 9th and 10th 2019.

Artwork by Painter Artist Zoé B

Resilience, 51in x 38in, 2018 © Zoé B

Her relationship with Art-Trope

An Artist is often alone in managing his/her career. He/she must of course create, but also prospect to find places of exhibition, apply, know how to present himself/herself, communicate, write, and try not to get lost in the flow of exhibitions. Art-Trope supports me, advises me and entrusts them with areas that are clearly not within my competence. I feel less alone, but above all, we are working together on a long-term vision to go forward. This anchoring enables me to stay on route without dispersing myself unnecessarily.

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