Fine Arts universe is a constellation of know-how. Companies are at the heart of our professional world, so we brought around Art-Trope the best Partners for the development of your artistic career.

“ An artistic career is often a too large investment for one single person. We thank all our Partners who support us.”
Virginie Tison, Founder and President of Art-Trope


Art-Trope joins Creatis: the residence of cultural and media entrepreneurs

Art-Trope is pleased to announce its integration to main incubator of cultural and media entrepreneurs in France: Creatis. Since its creation in 2012, the incubator has been supporting close to 130 companies including Maddyness.
Creatis incubator philosophy: adapting to the entrepreneur
Creatis belongs to the Scintillo Group founded by Steven Hearn in 2010 which manages an ecosystem of around fifteen cultural companies. It combines resources, talents and thinking around the cultural reaction…


This 2017 logo was designed by Videotelling, a brand new audiovisual communication agency specialized in video creation.

Videotelling – Audiovisual Communication Agency

Videotelling is an agency that designs storytelling videos. Its young and lively team of artists has already created over a 1000 videos, using a wide range of innovative technics. Some of them have never been used before. Videotelling has become a leader in its trade. Designed for internal and external communications, this unique type of video is a very efficient tool to highlight your messages, uphold your policies, present and…

This picture shows the culinary space of Le Purgatoire-54 Paradis, where Chefs propose haute cuisine experiences.

Le Purgatoire-54 Paradis : a Hybrid Space between Art and Cuisine

Art-Trope is pleased to present its new partner, Le Purgatoire-54 Paradis:
An innovative concept
Latest project of Chef Alain Cirelli, Le Purgatoire-54 Paradis is an open hybrid space dedicated to contemporary creation. Founded in 2011, with a gallery upstairs and a kitchen in the basement, this unique setting combines contemporary Art and Haute Cuisine. As a result, Le Purgatoire-54 Paradis is a place for encounters which forges links between artistic projects and…

Logo Verid Corporation

Verid Corporation – Exclusive Tailored Chauffeur Solutions

Art-Trope is pleased its new partner Verid Corporation.
Verid Corporation, unique Chauffeur and transportation service, is at your disposal for any project you may have:
A tailored transportation solution
Verid Corporation takes care of your trips under any circumstances, accurately adapting their services to your needs. Their motto: security and comfort. Indeed, Verid Corporation rigorously selects their drivers based on professionalism and safety standards. They apply the same system to the implementation…

18 minutes pour réussir votre présentation is a book de Didier Chambaretaud, published by Broché in 2016.

18Minutestalks and Acatl : the importance of leadership and speaking in public

Art-Trope is pleased to present its new partner, Didier Chambaretaud, consultant in decisive moments, founder of Actal and “18Minutestalks”:
Didier Chambaretaud: a professional background dedicated to support leaders
Didier Chambaretaud is an entrepreneur in the fields of e-commerce, online edition and professional services. For more than 30 years, he has been offering consulting services to corporate leaders. Following up his experience as a leader himself both in large corporations and SMEs, he…