A poetic investigation of cubic components, both stereotypical and singular, is presented in Anonymous Configurations.The figures are metaphorical individuals, dehumanized and similar to constellations, revealing themselves only through their reflections or their relationships with each other.The forms are therefore defined by the spaces that keep them apart, their convergences and declinations, the junctions that connect them, their spacings, the edges that separate or connect them, and their balance of power. Voids and volumes are disincarnated and hinge on their allegorical powers and on the matter they are made of, both tangible and ethereal. A mise-en-abîme of the relationship between the inner and the outer self, this research also refers to the position of the individual in his or her urban environment and in the various groups with which he or she interacts. To me, this series highlights the paradox of a plastic research that concentrates on an increasingly in-depth study of a transparent and three-dimensional material, and on the reduction of the subjects to their symbolic intensity.