Your privacy is of great importance to Art-Trope. We are very serious about our responsibility in terms of personal data processing and we do everything we can to protect it.
The following Privacy Policy informs you about the way we collect, use and disclose your personal data.
ART-TROPE implements an information and communication system needed for its activity including a software network.
For the purpose of transparency towards users of the websites, and, hereinafter the « Website », of promoting fair responsible and safe use of the information system, this privacy policy establishes rules concerning the use of its resources.
This privacy policy describes ART-TROPE policies and processes in terms of collection, use and disclosure of personal information.
We collect personal data in three different ways:
– the data you give to us;
– the data we obtain from third parties;
– and finally the data we obtain through the use of our services.
e handle personal information to satisfy the objectives listed below:
– Have the necessary information to represent an Artist;
– Provide to Artists information needed as part of delivered services;
– Comply with the legal, regulatory and contractual obligations devolved.
ART-TROPE has taken the necessary measures to ensure that the personal information transferred are protected in terms of security, integrity and confidentiality.

1. Scope of application
1.1 Unless otherwise specified, this Privacy Policy applies to all users of the Website regardless of their status, but also for those who ordered ART-TROPE’s services (here after referred to as “Services”) or participate in our events, including proxies, employees, temporary workers, interns, ART-TROPE collaborators or Artists, partners, online buyers and casual visitors.
The Privacy Policy can be completed by additional elements detailed in all or part of a provided service. As a result, ART-TROPE is responsible for your personal data since it is in charge of its process.
When a user accesses one of our services, he/she may have to provide personal data by filling out the registration form: we indicate which types of personal data are necessary. He/she may choose not to submit the required data but it can limit the user’s access to the services.
1.2 ART-TROPE’s information and communication system is mainly composed of the following elements: desktop and laptop computers, tablets, peripherals, personal assistants, computer network (servers, routers and connector technology), photocopiers, telephones, software, files, data and database, messaging system, intranet, extranet, subscriptions to interactive services.
Information and communication system composition is indifferent to the property of the elements that compose them.
When we collect or process the users’ personal data according to the European laws about data protection, we do so if necessary in order to:
– Provide a service, complete a transaction or deliver a service with you or if you ask for it prior to the delivering of a selected service;
– Comply with the law or any other legal obligation;
– Ensure the delivering of a task of general interest;
– Anticipate fraud and enable our clients to comply with their legal obligations;
– With your accord;
– The functioning of our company, to protect our systems safety, clients and users, to identify and anticipate fraud, or preserve our legitimate interests as described below unless your interests of freedom or rights come first.
When we rely on an accord to process the users’ personal data, they have the right to withdraw this accord at any time and when we rely on legitimate interests, they have to right to oppose it.

2. Collection and use of personal data provided by an Artist
2.1 The personal data we collect directly from our Website’s users depend on the relation they have to the service and can include:
– Contact information such as names, email addresses, mail addresses, social media accounts, phone numbers, etc ;
– The service’s login information such as the user’s name and password ;
– Other data from the account registration and the user’s profile such as the professional occupation, the background, the education and the picture ;
– The payment method through the Société Générale’s online payment service on our Website ;
– The comments and other provided information including the search demands, questions and information you send to ART-TROPE’s collaborators ;
– The interest and communication preferences including the preferred language.
We can also obtain their contact information or other personal information from third parties including:
– From the social media that obtained the Service’s permission to access their data on a social network ;
– From service providers who help precise their location in order to personalize some of our services depending on their location;
– From companies with which we offer common services ;
– From public resources and data providers from which we obtain data in order to validate and complete information we already possess.
Depending on the relations we established with our users, we use personal data for:
– Providing, activating and managing the service’s access and use;
– Processing and answering demands, orders, downloads, subscriptions to plans or any other transaction;
– Providing a technical support, a complementary service or product and therefore facilitate the delivering of the service and its securing;
– Improving the service and our events and developing our new services;
– Offering a personalized content and other personalization to make the service more relevant depending on your interests and location;
– Addressing their demands, research, comments and concerns ;
– Notifying the modifications, updates and other announcements related to our other service ;
– Providing targeted ads, promotional messages, notifications and other information related to the service of their interests;
– Providing promotional messages and other information about our services and events;
– Inviting them to participate in surveys about the use of our service as well as lotteries, contests and offers ;
– Identifying the trends of use and developing data analysis including for research purposes, audits, reporting and other commercial operations which include the determination of our promotional campaigns’ efficiency and the evaluation of our commercial performance;
– Complying with our legal obligations, resolving potential conflicts and ensuring the respect of our contracts.
If you are the manager and subscriber to our service, we will use your data to communicate with you regarding your subscription. If you provide us with information about other users, you guaranty you have their accord so that we could use the personal data in order to deliver the service.
2.2 The Website collects personal data that the Artist has voluntarily submitted or has been voluntarily submitting on his (or her) behalf. In general order, the personal data of the Artist as well as the name, the full details, IP address, etc., are collected on the Websites hosted by Media Temple Inc – 8520 Boulevard – Culver City, CA 90232 – United States on servers located in the United States and by OVH SAS – 2 rue Kellermann – BP 80157 – 59053 Roubaix Cedex 1 – France on servers located in France.
The Artist declares expressly accepting that the information of his (or her) profile are collected, transferred, processed, stored, disclosed or used in any other manner as described in this Privacy Policy.
2.3 It is the Artist’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided are accurate and up-to-date. Any incomplete, distorted information and/or other falsified documents provided could lead to subscription refusal, or where relevant, refusal to publish the Artist’s profile, or their unsubscribing by ART-TROPE.
2.4 ART-TROPE may use the personal data of the Artist to contact them during the processing registration, to ask them if necessary additional information.
2.5 ART-TROPE does not ask the Artist to provide sensitive information (ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in a trade union, medical record and/or criminal record, etc).
2.6 RT-TROPE will not communicate any personal data to third parties except as provided in the Terms and Conditions herein, if such disclosure is necessary in the exercise of its activities or if a law or other legal proceedings have obligation, and undertakes not to sell the Artists personal data.
2.7 ART-TROPE makes available to the Internet users some information provided by each Artist through their profile, who will be able to access them and then if necessary contact them.
2.8 ART-TROPE will be able to communicate information to service providers processing the data on its behalf or providing other services necessary in the exercise of its activities.
2.9 The submitted data on its Website may, furthermore, be viewed and used by ART-TROPE in the entire world during the normal course of its activities for administrative purposes. Regardless the country of residence of the Artist or the country from which the Artist transmits their information, their personal data are liable to be used by ART-TROPE.
This may involve information transfers to any country where ART-TROPE operates, including jurisdictions where the law does not guarantee the same level of personal data protection that the Artist can receive.
2.10 The Artist can consult, review, correct, update, modify or delete at any time the information of their profile. The Artist will have to log on his (or her) profile and make the necessary changes. Once the profile of the Artist has been deleted, ART-TROPE will delete Artist’s information from its database (except an archival copy on which neither Artist nor any third party can have access on Internet).
2.11 The archival copy is retained as long as ART-TROPE estimates reasonably necessary for auditing or archiving purposes. If previously other people have had access to the personal information of the Artist from the Website, ART-TROPE is not able to delete this information or their copies on their accounts or systems. Even after the information of the Artist’s profile has been deleted or his (or her) account has been closed, copies of this information may still be available elsewhere insofar the information has been shared with others, copied or stored by other users.
2.12 The Artist has the right to request a copy, the rectification or deletion of information that they provided during their registration. Please contact ART-TROPE to the following address: [email protected].
Before providing a copy of their personal information or correcting, updating or deleting such information, ART-TROPE reserves the right to verify and authenticate the identity of the Artist as well as personal information they have wished to access. Access, correction, update or deletion of personal information may be refused or limited by ART-TROPE if this violates the rights of a third party and/or otherwise if the applicable legislation permits.

3. Data protection
In order to prevent the loss, abusive use, the change or the deletion of the information concerning the Artist, ART-TROPE has implemented technological means and operational security tools currently used for this purpose.
However, the nature of the data transferred through Internet involves the use of controlled systems by a third party and on the security of which ART-TROPE cannot exercise any control.
We take technical and organizational measures to ensure a security level adapted to the personal data process risk. The goal of these measures is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of the personal data.

4. Privacy policy changes
If the user accesses a service through a plan, his/her personal data and some user data that has been collected through the service may be accessible and shared with the plans’ manager of his/her structure for user analysis purposes, plans management, delivering and support.
The personal data processes information that are necessary to the delivering of the expected service, the execution of a transaction or the answering to a demand based on the instructions received and strictly in compliance with the Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.
4.1 Other companies and service providers
Depending on the delivered service, we share information with:
– The software SalesForce, MailChimp, WordPress, DropBox, Symphony, Gmail, MediaTemple and OVH which provide us with the technology and other sharing functionalities;
– Our service providers: clients’ supports, Gmail emails service providers, computer services, marketing/commercial, communication and our banking establishment Société Générale.
4.2 Conservation of your personal data
We keep the user’s personal data as long as we need to provide the service and execute the demanded obligations or to other essential requirements such as the compliance with our legal obligations, the archiving of our commercial and financial activities, the solving of our conflicts, the maintenance of security, the detection and anticipation of fraud and abuse, and the execution of the contract that bides us. If the user accesses the service through a plan, we keep professional contact information after his/her structure’s plan cancelation in order to communicate with him/her according to the terms of our personal data conservation policy.
We keep your data only for the necessary period of time to reach the intended goal that is to say during the opening and the validity of your account, then, it will be archived and then deleted. We will not keep any personal data from a prospect if he/she did not respond to any solicitation in 3 years.
4.3 Process location – personal data communication
The user’s personal data may be stocked and processed in France and in the United States. We take measures, including through our contacts, in order to make sure that the information keep being protected where it is located complying with the protection measures stipulated by the enacted law.
When the personal data are communicated from the European Economic zone or from Switzerland to a country which is not considered as a country offering an appropriate protection according to the European Commission, we set up Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission and the EU-USA and Switzerland-USA Privacy Protection Framework to communicate the data.

5. Your communication preferences
The user can personalize and manage his/her available preferences in terms of communication and other configurations when he/she subscribes to a selected service by updating his/her account preferences or when doing so, using the withdrawal or unsubscription option or any other means provided in the message you receive or by contacting us. As a result, we reserve the rights to keep you posted about any modification or relevant updates.

6. Access to data and user updates
6.1 Your account
The service can authorize registered users to have direct access and review his/her account information and add corrections or updates at any time after the connection. The update of such data is the user’s responsibility. Therefore the subscribed users can also close their account directly through the Service or by contacting the Customers Service at: [email protected].
6.2 Your rights
You have rights guaranteed by the privacy and personal data protection laws in Europe and i certain countries and therefore you can benefit freely from:
– The access to your personal information;
– The rectification or deletion of your personal data;
– The restriction of our personal data process or objection to a process
– A copy of your personal data (data portability rights).
If you would like to act on those rights, please submit your request through the portal dedicated to confidentiality on our Website or by addressing your demand to our Delegate to the Data Protection [email protected]. We will answer your demand in strict compliance with the enacted law. To protect your private life and your security, we can verify your identity.
6.3 Modifications
We regularly update our current Privacy Policy. All modifications will be published on this page with the reviewing date. If we add material modifications, we will let you know through the service or any other means.
6.4 Contact
If you have any comment or questions regarding the present Privacy Policy or your data process, please contact us through our dedicated portal on our Website or by sending an email to our Delegate to the Data Protection at [email protected].

7. Modifications of the Privacy Policy
If ART-TROPE resolves to modify in a significant manner the content of this privacy policy, and if the legislation requires it, ART-TROPE will contact the Artist to the email address provided in their profile.
ART-TROPE will also publish on the Website these changes in a visible notice in order to allow the Artist to know at any time what information are collected, the way they can be used and the people for which they can be disclosed.

(Version of June 25th, 2018)