Arnaud Rinuccini

Arnaud Rinuccini


Exhibitions :

    2023 - Festival surréaliste de Fréjus | Fréjus (83) 
    2023 - Art Capital, Salon Comparaisons | Grand Palais Ephémère | Paris
    2022 - Artivism | Centro Espositivo San Vidal | Biennale de Venise (ITA)
    2022 - Saturnia Art Festival | Sorano (ITA)
    2022 - Exposition solo Mirages | La Galerie |Limeil-Brévannes (94)
    2022 - Art Capital, Salon Comparaisons | Grand Palais Ephémère | Paris
    2021 - Exposition Et il y aura la Mer | Charbonnières (69)
    2021 - Festival photo d’Ormesson-sur-Marne (94)
    2019 - Exposition duo La peur du blanc | La Galerie | Limeil-Brévannes (94)


I'm revisiting a place radically changed by the Fire that destroyed it, and I'm projecting onto it what it used to be. It's a landscape that has flipped into its photographic negative, in a strange metamorphosis. Like two parallel worlds, these photographs highlight the resonances between the two states. The interwoven fragments create a new fictional space, with its own perspective and its own rules, revealing all the more the transformations of a world undergoing profound changes. Mount Saint-Michel, in the heart of Brittany's Monts d'Arrée, suffered a massive fire in the summer of 2022 that destroyed the moorland and  by chance spared the chapel on its summit. With the financial support of François Pinault's Artemis Foundation, the entire site was restored by the Department of Finistère.

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And the Sea will be there

The sea is a powerful source of memories and provides a wealth of sensations to bring them back to the surface. When I am facing the sea, I go to a place where memory emerges and I meet a horizon whose limit is elusive. Every shoreline in this series is an uncertain seascape from land to sea, sceneries in motion. Each work appears fragmented by means of overlays of the same location. I match different views, different timeframes at the same level to reveal before my eyes a recomposed landscape. Geometric shapes find their own position in the scenery and are used as passages across the different appearances.

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Mirages shake up our perception of reality, question the limits between our memories and our imagination. My work with multiple superimpositions acts as a prism through which I recompose a landscape.

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