Evelyne Puech

Evelyne Puech


Exhibitions :

    Individual Exhibitions :
    2021 : Anières Gallery - Geneva - Switzerland
    2017 : Le Bacouni Yvoire Restaurant - France
    2017 : Maison de Pressy - Geneva - Switzerland
    2016 : Peillonnex Medical Center - Geneva - Switzerland
    2016 : Plan Cerisier Martigny Restaurant - Switzerland
    2016:  Piano Croses Gaillard Space - France
    2015 : La Pallanterie Restaurant - Geneva - Switzerland
    2015 : Art Villamagna Gallery - France
    2014:  Galerie l’Arllingeoise du château des Allinges - France
    2014:  Restaurant le Bacouni Yvoire - France
    1994:  Transairco - Geneva - Switzerland
    1994:  Churchill pub - Nyon - Switzerland

    Collective Exhibitions :
    2022 : Art Fair - St-Art - Art Trope Gallery - Strasbourg - France
    2022 : Musée du Lac Nernier Gallery - Nernier - France
    2022 : Pyramide - Marnaz - France
    2022 : Art Trip Gallery - Casino Grand Cercle - Aix-les-Bains - France
    2022 : « Résilience : au-delà des peines » - Art Trope Gallery - Arles - France
    2017 : Salon de la Pyramide Marnaz - France
    2015 : Salon de Vétraz-Monthoux - France
    2014 : Salon de Vetraz-Monthoux - France
    2014 : Salon international artistique de Haute Loire Le Puy en Velay - France
    2014 : Exposition Les artistes dans la ville Reigner - France
    2013 : Exposition de La Pyramide  Marnaz - France
    2013 : Salon de Thiers - France
    2013 : Salon d’automne de Vétraz Monthoux - France
    2013 : Marché de Sion (Valais) - Switzerland
    2002 : Salon de Thônex - Geneva - Switzerland
    2000 : Salon des Trois Chênes - Geneva - Switzerland


Through this series, I explore the need to return to the feeling of spontaneity, joy, discovery or feedback towards the free child inside oneself. It expresses the quest to return to the life drive, the a-live, underlining a birth or a rebirth. 
This plastic research raises the question of the need to give up in order to find, to escape something or even to flee to save oneself. "Rebirth" makes it possible to establish a dialogue between painting and the association of different plexiglas. This support stands out through its clarity, its transparency but also its limpidity. This introspection carried out in painting arises at a time when society constantly asks us to confront each other. This is how our choices guide us towards this forgotten freedom: our ability to rehabilitate ourselves by freeing ourselves, by leaving what no longer has any place to be.

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Anonymous Configurations

A poetic investigation of cubic components, both stereotypical and singular, is presented in Anonymous Configurations.The figures are metaphorical individuals, dehumanized and similar to constellations, revealing themselves only through their reflections or their relationships with each other.The forms are therefore defined by the spaces that keep them apart, their convergences and declinations, the junctions that connect them, their spacings, the edges that separate or connect them, and their balance of power. Voids and volumes are disincarnated and hinge on their allegorical powers and on the matter they are made of, both tangible and ethereal. A mise-en-abîme of the relationship between the inner and the outer self, this research also refers to the position of the individual in his or her urban environment and in the various groups with which he or she interacts. To me, this series highlights the paradox of a plastic research that concentrates on an increasingly in-depth study of a transparent and three-dimensional material, and on the reduction of the subjects to their symbolic intensity.

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